I am literally writing this on the plane as I fly back to the frozen tundra I call home…Michigan. That’s one of the states where the polar vortex hit this week. My daughter sent me a cool video of throwing a glass of water in the air and it froze before hitting the ground. Ugh.

But, I was in sunny California all week speaking in 3 different cities for The Best Independent Restaurants Association about how to get new customers using your website, social media, and review sites.

I met a lot of smart operators and had a good time in the 70-degree sunshine while my staff braved minus 35 below zero temps. (Yes, they aren’t happy with me right now.)

During my presentations, I reminded the audience that it isn’t just the one thing that you do nowadays to get more new customers; it’s the 10 different things that you have to do to get 10 new customers. Because there isn’t one thing that will bring you 100 new customers in today’s market. That just isn’t reality.

They didn’t like hearing that. Professor of harsh reality.

In today’s world, there is no magic bullet. There just isn’t one thing that you can do to get more customers that will make you rich. There are way too many distractions for your customers today to only be using one method to capture their attention.

They see over 3,000 marketing messages a day and are bombarded by your competition. It’s a lot tougher than it used to be to get and keep someone’s attention, and it isn’t getting easier with the younger generation either.

2.7-seconds is all you have to get their attention. Goldfish have an attention span of 9.2-seconds. When I told that to the groups I spoke to, they all laughed. But it’s not funny – because it’s true.

I always get the question when I speak at these seminars, “Do I really need to do print, email, social media, and review site marketing?”  YES! You need to do it all. Test and test again. This is how you become successful with your marketing. Test, evaluate, tweak, and replicate; a good formula for success.

It’s not the specific actions you take that make you rich as much as it is that you take a lot of actions.

You need to take MASSIVE action, using multiple media channels.

Stay warm if you’re in the North!


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