There’s so much noise out in the world today… how do you cut through all that clutter to get your message to the right people to find to attract and convince them to try your business?

Never underestimate the difficulty of that task. Your new customer target market is bombarded with tens of thousands of sales messages every day. Be it on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, podcasts, banner ads, Google PPC, SEO, blogs, videos, text messages, print ads… the list goes on and on. Marketing makes the world go round. Without it, we wouldn’t have an economy. The challenge is how to do it well. When I say do it well, I mean get in front of the right audience with the right message and motivate that person into action. Whatever that may be.

One thing my marketing mentor, Bill Glazer, always told me was, “Never get cheap with your marketing Mike, especially with new customer acquisition.”

As Dan Kennedy once said, “He who can afford to spend the most to get a customer wins.” Never have truer words been spoken.

But it’s not all about the deal or the promotion. That’s important, especially for new customer acquisition. But it’s also about how you talk to your potential and existing customers to reach behind their ears then pull them into your marketing. How do you get their attention? What’s going to make you stand out, be different, and get you noticed from all of your competitors. This is getting tougher and tougher in today’s world, trust me.

I found two companies that do some “killer” marketing. They are somewhat new and are growing crazy fast. They do many things right when attracting new customers and keeping their existing customers coming back for more.

One is in the alternative coffee market, and the other is in men’s soap and personal care products industry. (Be careful of this one, you don’t want young children around when you watch their videos You will laugh out loud, I promise).

Watch this week’s edition of Mike’s Marketing Minutes to see these two companies and examples of their marketing you can use for your business.

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