We’re all looking for the Holy Grail of how to get new customers, quick and cheap.

Something that works, month-in and month-out, that can be automated.

But first, you need to know where your customers are looking for your business and your business category. So, I will give you a few ideas that you can implement inexpensively.

1. Your Google Business Listing

Please, if you do nothing else, claim and optimize your Google Business Listing. Make sure all the information about your business is correct. If it’s not, for all you old timers out there – it’s like having the wrong address and phone number listed in the yellow pages for your business – not good. Check your hours, description, address, phone number, etc. Write a description about your business. Upload pictures of your business. Fill out your business categories.

Then, to increase your rankings on the Google Map (they only show 3), freshen up your information every 3-6 months for your listing and ANSWER your Google Reviews.

2. Target People of Influence Online

We call these “Online Mavens”. They’re people in your local area that have big online followings, fans, likes…you get the idea. People who, if they send out a message to their peeps, have a lot of people on the other end listening.

This takes a little bit of work, but I’ll give you an example from a client of ours to help illustrate:

Let’s say you are a restaurant rolling out a new menu, and you want to get the word out. You would contact Yelp (yes, I know everyone hates Yelp, but it’s still one of the top review sites in the world) and you would tell them you want to have a Yelp Review Party at your restaurant.

Yelp community managers will organize these events. There are three different types of events you could have at your business.

  • A Community Manager Yelp Event (CMYE) is a small-scale event held at a local business, and anyone with a Yelp profile can attend.
  • A Yelper Party is a large-scale private event open to the entire Yelp community that is held at a venue with several businesses hosting as vendors.
  • Yelp Elite events are exclusive private events only available to Elites and can only be seen on the private Elite calendar.

These can be great events to get the word out about something new or specific at your business. This is just one example of leveraging People of Influence online.

3. ANSWER Your Reviews

Yes, you knew I was going to say it. But that’s because it’s super important for your new customer acquisition. It’s what 92% of your new customers see before coming to your business.

Everyone wants to know what other people that are customers of yours have to say about you. Don’t leave that to chance. Take control, it’s important.

Google and the internet love fresh information about your business posted online – and reviews are the best way to do that.

Plus, isn’t it nice when you show your customers you care about them?

How would you feel if you took the time to leave a review for a business and then you never hear from them? Not even a thank you. Don’t let that happen.

Have a great weekend,