As a business owner, you know that staff turnover can really hurt your business, especially right now when you need everyone you have. And the fact, during a normal operating year, the national average turnover rate among fast food workers is about 90%. Ouch! Pile on what we just went through, and you have a recipe for disaster.

We all know how important it is to make sure your employees feel appreciated and compensated. And to create an environment where employees enjoy coming into and want to work every day, but I know that’s not easy right now. With all the stress you and they are under.

I want to make sure that you aren’t solely focused on getting new employees that you forget about the people that have been with you and have gotten you through the last year.

Finding new staff, having them apply, getting them to show up for the interview, then accept the job and start seems like an overwhelming process right now where you can’t even get past the “getting them to show up for the interview” part.

That’s why it’s so important to do everything you can to keep the team that you do have and will continue to have moving forward engaged and happy.

Right now, everyone is offering big bonuses for new employees to start at restaurants, retail stores, etc. It seems like everyone is hiring. And yes, I know this isn’t a new problem, but the pandemic has exasperated it. But some of the incentives for new staff starting are crazy. Thousands of dollars in bonuses depending on how long you stay, call your days off, car allowances, etc. Geez, it almost makes me want to go back and work in the kitchen.

The issue is your current staff, the ones that stuck with you and have been working through the pandemic, are seeing all these incentives and what you are doing to attract new employees, and they are wondering…

What the heck. Where’s my new Mercedes? (Over exaggeration to make a point).

So, let’s not forget about how important these people are to your success and who will help rebuild your new team moving forward.

In my video, I cover 4 strategies to help you keep these key individuals so they don’t get lured away by your competition. And they come in each day with a good attitude. Cause it ain’t easy right now, we all know that, especially your staff.

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Finding, attracting, and getting applicants to show up is a marketing challenge. You have to know how to get your message in front of the right prospect, just like getting new customers for your business.

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