“Everybody in the world is hiring at the same time! We need servers, line cooks, bartenders, dishwashers.

That’s what one of my restaurant clients told me on a call this week. And they’re right. Who would have ever thought that every restaurant, retail, auto repair shop is hiring all at the same time? Makes it really hard to find staff- any staff, good or bad.

There are multiple reasons for this that you already are aware of. But one of the biggest reasons I hear is that “they can make more money sitting at home.” This might be true in some cases, but that won’t last forever, and people will need to return to the workplace.

Now some of them have moved on to other industries, that’s true, especially in the restaurant business. But there are still opportunities out there to find workers and good workers, which are the ones you want. You might just have to get a little creative.

I look at finding good, qualified staff as a marketing challenge. You might think that’s a little weird, but I look at pretty much everything as a marketing challenge. Trust me. It applies here.

Your ability to locate, get your message to, and convince potential employees to apply for work at your business is the same principle you would use to get new customers to your business.

It’s a 3-step process.

  1. Locate your target market (the best potential worker that fits your job description)
  2. Get the proper message in front of them (you are the best employer for that position and why they should work for you)
  3. Convince them to take action (fill out an application and come in for an interview)

These are the same principles as attracting new customers to your business. And just like marketing for new customers, you are competing against lots of other companies in the same situation. So, the question becomes what separates you from them? I call that your U.S.P., which is, Your Unique Selling Proposition.

You need to take massive action on this because if you don’t you, will risk burning out your existing staff and losing your customers. I know you know that.

I have always tried to give you good information to help with challenges that business owners face in the current market. Finding, convincing, and hiring good staff is something we all need to be doing all the time, but especially right now.

Watch this week’s Mike’s Marketing Minutes, and I will give you at least 9 ways to creatively find, attract, and convince new employees to work at your business.

Again, I look at finding staff as a marketing challenge, and we are a marketing company. If you need help with any of the ideas that I presented in my video to finding and attracting staff to your business, click the link below to schedule a FREE Strategy Session to help get you more staff using direct response marketing strategies.

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