Nothing complex or whizbang about this.

Nothing that requires expensive technology or a master programmer to spend weeks developing it, costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Nope. There is an old (ancient now) program on investing called “7 STEPS TO 7 FIGURES”. In the program, the author makes this statement: “It’s not the stocks you pick that make you rich, it’s that you choose to invest in stocks.”

This premise is correct for long-term, blue-chip stock investors. But it contains a much bigger ‘secret.’ In abbreviated form, here it is: “It’s not the specific actions you take that make you wealthy as much as it is that you take a lot of actions.”

In today’s world, there is no magic trick to getting and keeping customers. Sorry, it’s just the facts. There isn’t just one thing that you can do to get more customers that will make you rich. There are way too many distractions for your customers today to only be using one method to capture their attention.

Your customers and potential customers are continuously being bombarded with thousands of marketing messages through multiple media channels every day. It’s a lot tougher than it used to be to get and keep someone’s attention. And it isn’t getting easier, especially with the younger generation, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.

You need to take massive action using multiple media channels to get through all the clutter. In this case, I must be the doctor of cold, hard reality for your own good. What you need is a system that uses multiple media channels to reach your customers and potential customers on a consistent basis.

You need to be doing 10 things that each bring you 10 customers. Because there isn’t one thing that will bring you 100 new customers in today’s market. That just isn’t reality.

I always get the question from new clients, “Do I really need to do print, email, social media, digital, Google, reviews, and four-walls marketing?”

The simple answer to this very important question is…YES. You need to do it all. Then test and test again. This is how you become successful with your marketing. Test, evaluate, tweak, and replicate. It’s a good formula for success.

The other primary topic of conversation when I am speaking with many of my Platinum Clients is what NOT to do. With five different people, we finalized decisions about opportunities that should not be pursued by those individuals. Being decisive about what not to do is also essential if you are to be successful at immediately taking action on other things to do.

Have a great weekend,