Here we are… 2 weeks into the new year, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Funny how time does that. The older I get, the quicker it goes. Time is the single most valuable asset that any of us have to give someone or something. Make sure this year you are very discerning about what and who you spend yours on.

It’s the same for your customers and potential new customers. The average attention span of a human is less than 8 seconds and 3.2 seconds when looking for a new business online. A goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds, which means you can keep a goldfish staring at your website longer than your potential customers.


So, what can you do to separate yourself from the online competitors online that are biting, scratching, and clawing to get in front of new customers, and how can you keep them on your website to convert into a sale?

It’s called Digital Hospitality.

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What is your digital customer hospitality experience?

If you have been watching my videos, reading my blogs, or engaging with my content, you know I’m a reformed restaurant owner. I owned six restaurants and a catering company over a 24-year career. You can never really get out of the restaurant business once you’re in it. If you’re in it now, you know what I’m talking about.

When I owned my restaurants, I would walk through the restaurant as a guest. I would literally drive in my car and start from the street. Observing the condition of the road leading into the parking lot, how far I had to walk if the parking lot was clean, etc. Once I got inside the building, I observed the lobby, waiting area, and the hostess’s greeting. It’s kind of like I was my own secret shopper, but it was no secret.

If you have a brick-and-mortar business, I strongly suggest doing this once a month. Your staff knows it’s you, so if the experience isn’t stellar because it’s you, the owner, trust me when I say, it’s going to be much worse for your customers.

You can apply the same technique and experience to your online business presence. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Google the name of your business

Step 2: Observe what sites come up before yours (if your website doesn’t come up first, you have a problem with your website. Call your niece, nephew, son, dishwasher, whoever did your website and tell them you have an issue).

Step 3: See if ALL the information on your Google Business Listing (on the right side of the page) is correct, filled out correctly, and what your star rating is, and read the first 10 reviews. (THIS ONE WILL HAVE THE BIGGEST IMPACT ON YOUR NEW CUSTOMER ACQUISITION MARKETING STRATEGY ONLINE. MAKE SURE YOU CLAIM AND OPTIMIZE IT).

Step 4: What other sites come up on the first page on Google? Your review sites, social media sites, your competitors? Take note because this is big-time important – it’s what your new customers see.

Step 5: Start clicking on everything on page one when you Google the name of your business in your area. What do you find? Is everything mobile-friendly on your phone, iPad, etc.? What do all the websites that list your business on page one of Google say about you?

Step 6: Click on your own website. What do you see? Can you find the address, phone number, menu, and list of services easily? Is it a happy site or a sad site? (Sign up for a FREE Strategy Session below with one of my Web Marketing Experts to find out what I mean about this).

Step 7: Now, Google your industry in your local area. Ex. “Restaurants near me,” “Auto Shops near me,” “Clothing stores near me.” Where do you rank? Do you see your Google Business Listing on the map? You will only see 3. How many ads are your competitors running above the map section? Who are they? What do they say?

This is your digital customer hospitality experience. We live in an online world, especially right now because of the pandemic. Things aren’t going to progress backward as far as online usage for your customers and potential customers finding you.

You need to know what type of experience your customers have when searching out information about your business online. You really need to know what your potential customers see when they Google you or your industry in your area. This is how you attract new customers to your business.

Ask yourself how easy it was to find you. Were you convinced to click your website? What was the experience like once you got there? Oh, and you have 3.2 seconds to do all that. Easy? I think not.

I will give you what I call the Pyramid of Digital Hospitality for Business Owners that want to attract new customers:


Your Digital Presence & Reputation

Digital Presence and Reputation

Start at the bottom and work your way up. Your website is the foundation that every piece of your online presence for your business is built on.

Is yours solid?

Let’s have a fantastic New Year packing your business with new customers!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay the course,


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