Yes, we’re getting close to the big day – so it’s time for my annual letter to Santa from all the good business owners on my list. (Thank you, by the way, for reading my emails!)

Dear Santa,

I have been a good business owner all year long. I have worked long, hard days, some weekends, some holidays, and maybe even while I sleep. For that alone, I think I deserve to be on Santa’s “good” list!

I have done a good job providing great products and a WOW experience for my customers each day.

I reward my best customers with gifts and surprises from my business every month.

I create my marketing calendar each year far in advance and do not market in panic mode.

I understand whoever can afford to invest the most to acquire a new customer wins.

I communicate with my customers frequently using multiple forms of media to convey fun and valuable information about my business. Sharing things that will enhance their lives. Making them laugh, cry, and utter “hmmmm…”

I NEVER get boring with my marketing, my business or become complacent in my business.

I also care about my community. And I make every effort to support local charities.

And I respect, encourage, teach, invest my time and give frequent praise to my employees for the great job they do each day. Because I know without them I don’t have a business.

The Big Guy Responds:

Yes, I have found your name on the “good list of business owners” this year and I want to give you the presents that I won’t be able to fit down your chimney on Christmas Eve. Make sure you accept and take advantage of these precious gifts I am giving you:

Take a break from your business during the holidays. Turn off all electronic gadgets for at least 24 hours (yes, you will survive – I am living proof that it can be done!) and enjoy your family, good food, drinks, and some memorable moments.

Try to avoid business conversations. Just relax and concentrate on the people around you that are important to you.

BE PRESENT! (Yes, that is a pun.)

Do something that you love this holiday season. Pick something that you enjoy doing with your family and or friends. It’s a way for you to get together and really get into the holiday spirit and start a family tradition. A holiday concert or even something as simple as driving through a neighborhood that has houses decorated with Christmas lights while sipping hot chocolate. It’s the simple things in life that can bring the most pleasure.

Do something nice and surprising for another. This time of year is about giving. Do something unexpected and kind for another. It doesn’t have to involve money. The most precious gift you have is your time. Surprise someone with a random act of kindness. It will make you feel good and it’s the best gift you can ever receive.

Little rewards like these help us recharge from the daily stresses of running a business and provide us with a fresh and new perspective to start the New Year on a positive note.

Happy Holidays from myself and my entire staff at The Done For You Marketing Offices.