Hope your week is going well, and I hope you, your family, friends, and staff are healthy and safe.

In this week’s edition of Mike’s Marketing Minutes, I cover What Not To Do when it comes to your marketing. Sometimes knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do.

I see many business owners make this mistake when it comes to their marketing and lose a bunch of their hard-earned money. We get calls from owners in a panic all the time because of this.

I don’t want to see this happen to you! You’re too good for that. If you watch this video, I’ll tell you the exact mistake business owners make when it comes to their marketing. Doing this might cost you double in marketing costs and reduce the effectiveness of your message.

Nobody wants that.

Click on the video below to find out what exactly NOT TO DO right now.

With the holidays coming up, it’s super important to start thinking about your holiday marketing right now. Do yourself a favor and plan ahead so it’s not rushed. Your holiday marketing is an investment that needs to really be created and thought out – your staff needs to know about it, and most importantly, your marketing team needs to know about it.

Using the holidays in your marketing is called slipstreamremember we talked about that last week? It’s no surprise that the holidays are going to look slightly different this year… but don’t let that discourage you. Now is the time to great creative and have fun to make more sales!

Use the upcoming major holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years to the best of your advantage. People still need ways to celebrate, even in a Pandemic! Give them a reason and DON’T BE BORING!

If you own a restaurant, for example, here is a great way to use the holidays to increase your sales:

Pre-packaged meals-to-go for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Remember, people still aren’t comfortable with going to the grocery store or any store for that matter, so give them a complete solution with everything they need for their celebration. This option is a perfect way for families to enjoy a wonderful holiday meal!

In your holiday meal package, include:

  • A complete meal that feeds 6-8 (or more)
  • A tablecloth
  • Disposable serving pieces
  • Don’t forget the instructions!
  • Maybe a card game or something fun
  • A great dessert like an apple or pumpkin pie
  • Plus, whatever else you want to really make it a special experience for your customers!

Also, we all know what else is coming up in November… the election. Use the election to host your own election and grab the attention of your customers to drive them back into your business.

Right now, we are in the middle of our 2020 Election Scratch Off Promotion, and we’re really excited about this. It’s so much fun because we can only do this every 4 years and it works like crazy bringing customers back!

This promotion is fun, inexpensive and, non-political (so no one gets mad!) And it’s completely customizable for your business!

Simply click the button below to get all the details to this amazing Done For You 2020 Election Promotion!



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