Let me ask you a question…

Do you have a rich uncle that can bail you out when things get tough?

Someone that has deep pockets that can shower you with cash so you can ride out the storm?

It sure would be nice to have someone like that to pump massive amounts of cash into your business when things aren’t as easy as they once were and there’s not enough money to pay the big fat bonuses many of these firms enjoyed.

Is anyone in Washington going to be writing you a check to help you meet payroll when the government thinks up some new regulation or program that they think business owners ought to pay for?

Your Reality: If you want someone to help increase your business, make more money, and streamline operations – there’s only one place to look … into that shiny object hanging on the wall of your bathroom that you see every morning when get up to brush your teeth. It’s YOU.

You’re the only one that can steer your business to avoid the pitfalls that most business owners face. In business, unfortunately the buck stops with you. Don’t look for Uncle Sam to drop by anytime soon and leave a big bag of cash and say, “Don’t worry about paying it back for a few years, I just wanted to make sure you had enough to go around.”

YOU are the one that’s going to keep your business on the right track to increasing sales and not succumb to the naysayers and doomsday propaganda created by the national media.

Now is the time to tighten your cost control systems on things that don’t impact the value you deliver to your customers. Improve your training programs and make sure you have the most talented individuals available.

It’s time to expand your marketing, not pull back or eliminate what’s working to bring in new and repeat business. It always amazes me when I hear business owners cut or reduce their marketing programs to lower their costs.

Why would you cut back on something that systematically brings potential sales into your business and, in turn, makes you more money?

Businesses that won’t survive in changing economic times are the ones that adhere to a “wait and see” philosophy. Your competitors are starting to cut back on their marketing, maybe even eliminate it. As a result, there is less competition for your potential customers and less clutter online and in their mailbox more likely to have an impact when it arrives. NOW IS THE TIME TO STRIKE.

Are you ready?


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