3 Cheap Ways To Get New Customers

We're all looking for the Holy Grail of how to get new customers, quick and cheap. Something that works, month-in and month-out, that can be automated. But first, you need to know where your customers are looking for your business and your business category. So, I will give you a few ideas that you can [...]

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How to Fix Online Mistakes About Your Business

Uh oh, Google says your business is closed on Mondays... and you’re really open. Or vice versa. Your customers show up on Mondays and you're actually closed. Problem? You bet. As you set out to build and market your business online, the kind of information you provide Google (and other sites like Yelp, Facebook, [...]

Want to know if customers are really looking at your reviews or not?

Occasionally I hear from a prospective client for our online review management service that tells me: “nobody looks at our reviews anyway.” I love it when they say that! Why? Because review sites and Google make it so easy to show someone the exact amount of traffic they are getting on their review and [...]

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