Emotional Marketing is messaging that builds up your ego. It makes you feel smarter, bolder, more sophisticated, or just about any other emotion that is fundamental to your self-esteem.

By making you feel better about yourself, the message transcends mere product status and becomes a friend. This is what gives your marketing that special something that builds life-long attachment.

This type of marketing shares your values and priorities. Customers name-drop the business or company name to say something important about themselves. They “get you,” and you get them.

People are so passionate about these businesses that they wear the logos on their chest, tattoo them on their body, and herald them in the social networking profile.

“I’m a Jack Daniels man.”

“Harley isn’t just a motorcycle, its lifestyle”

“No Pepsi, Coke”

I ran into a waitress the other day at an outdoor restaurant by the water that had Chris Craft, an old boat manufacturer, tattooed on her shoulder. Crazy?

That is the genius of emotional based marketing. It slips in under our radar. Because these are emotions we WANT to feel, the marketing seems comforting and familiar. It’s drip marketing that slowly waters our deepest hopes of being the people we dream of becoming.

A good example is looking at ads for workout equipment and how many words (ideas) that you can extract that have to do with the person’s emotional feelings, not their physical condition.

(1) Amaze Your Friends. (2) Tension Will Melt Away. (3) Feel Like A Kid Again. If you study these ads, you’d find many more just like them. If you want to get people to give you money, the keys to their vault are in their emotions, not their reasoning brain.

Here’s the big secret: feelings. People want to feel better, better about themselves, better about their lives, better about their futures.

They want to amaze their friends or co-workers or spouse or women at ‘happy hour’ or kids or smart-ass brother-in-law or stockholders or boss.

They desperately want to de-stress in a stressed-out world. They want to recapture lost youth, energy, and vitality. Make them feel better and they will hand you their money.

How does your marketing make them feel?

Have a Happy Easter!


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