Meet Tom.

Tom owns Sluggo’s Sports Pub & Grill in Brookfield, WI. That’s him pouring a cold one behind the bar. Tom’s bar reminds me of Cheers, and that’s how he describes it. I have had the pleasure of visiting Tom and going to Sluggo’s. It’s an AWESOME place I highly recommend it if you’re in the area.

Tom does a great job with his staff, customers, food, and running a bar. Fun place and it’s always busy. I talked to him this week, and he joked that he was going to have to hang a sign out front that reads, Sorry We’re Open because he is just too darn busy and can’t fit everyone.

So, what’s Tom’s secret?

Well, it’s a bunch of things. Like I said, he is a very good operator. He treats his employees well and lets them do their jobs. Serves delicious food and drinks. Knows how to create a memorable experience for his customers. Has an unbelievable sense of humor (He is quite the jokester). But most of all, he is a Marketer of his business. He loves marketing and loves to have fun with his customers with his marketing. And guess what? It works really well.

You have to be a good operator in today’s marketplace, that’s a given. If you can’t take care of your customers and give them a memorable experience when they give you money, there is no amount of money or great marketing that will save your business. It’s kind of the price of admission to be successful. And the only thing that great marketing will do for a poorly run business is let more people know how bad it is and put it out of business that much quicker.

You know how you can tell when a business is in trouble? Their reviews! It’s all online now for the entire world to see. But that’s a different blog post.

Tom does a bunch of things right when it comes to his marketing. Here are just a few:

  • He has a database of his customers with their names, emails, and address so he can use multiple forms of media to communicate with his clients.
  • He communicates with them often throughout the month using those multiple forms of communication.
  • He uses his personality and humor in his marketing.
  • He rewards his best customers for their loyalty.
  • He doesn’t get cheap when it comes to his marketing with his existing customers and when attracting new customers.

Pretty smart guy. So, what’s this big promotion Tom does every year that drives his customers back into his restaurant, giving him massive sale increases?

It’s the #1 Bounce Back Promotion of All Time for Restaurants… tweaked.

It’s the No Peeking Envelope promotion. If you are on my list, you know we do this promotion every month and can customize for your business. The concept is simple- you hand out envelopes with a prize inside to your customers, and they can’t open the envelope till they bring it back with them to see what they won.

They are filled with prizes from your restaurant or business such as Free Appetizers, Desserts, Gift Cards, Trips, etc. I have seen some really creative prizes to get your customers excited. Tom does a great job with his prizes to get his customers back into his restaurant.

He also knows one of the key concepts in marketing is to use slipstreaming. This is when you theme a promotion around what is already going on in your business or local community. It’s already what’s on your customer’s minds, and using it to super-charge your promotions.

Tom uses baseball season and his local team, the Brewers, to really drive in sales. And he doesn’t skimp on the prizes either… the grand prize is a Christian Yelich Jersey! He’s giving away multiple jerseys so lots of people can get one and be happy. His staff really gets behind this promotion as well and has a bunch of fun making a big deal out of the winners when they find out what they won. (Good social media posts).

Now the other smart thing Tom does is, he has taken the concept of the No Peeking Envelope, and we have tweaked the delivery system of the promotion to a scratch off card that he hands out to his customers. Same exact concept as an envelope that uses the curiosity factor to get his customers back, just tweaked a little bit for the way it is delivered. This keeps his promotions fresh.

Here is a picture of the front of Tom’s cards that we created for him:

Tom will be giving these to his customers this month and having them redeemed in July and August. The idea is to dig the well before you thirst. What I mean by that is if you know you are going to be slow, pass out a No Peeking or Scratch and Win card to your customers the month before and have them bring them back the next month when you’re slow. This promotion works really well because you know it’s getting into the hands of the people that already know and love you, your existing customers. And you save money because there are no postage costs!

So be like Tom. Do some marketing that people will talk about. Don’t be boring and have some fun with your staff and your customers!

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