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How To Use Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Facebook to Fill Your Restaurant With New Customers

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92.4% of your new customers check your reviews before trying your restaurant. This guide will show you exactly what you need to do to take control of your review sites and how to use them to attract more new customers.

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  • Get to the #1 spot on Google and your review sites
  • Turn any reviewer (+ or -) into a raving fan of your restaurant
  • The 3 things you must do to increase sales using reviews
  • Generate more 5-Star Reviews

Bonus Section: Copy and Paste Responses for both Positive and Negative Reviews (tested by 3,291 restaurants)

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“We’ve spent years managing millions of reviews for restaurant owners on every possible review site, and used those reviews to generate more new customers to increase their sales at every type of restaurant style, size, and location. I am thrilled to take you behind the curtain and share the exact 3-Step Process that has generated more than $23,000,000 in sales from new customers.”

Michael Thibault, President, DFY Marketing Systems