Happy Romance Month!

Notice I didn’t say, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Watch the video to find out why and how it can make you more sales in your business using this one simple technique.

It will save you money, time, and energy when it comes to your marketing.

It’s actually a marketing technique that was stolen from the Formula One racing industry. You can use it in your business to crush your competition.

Why promote something for just one single day in your business? You’re spending your money, time, and energy on a promotion get the most out of it using slipstream marketing.

Use what’s on your customers’ minds already to promote your business.

Valentine’s Day should be Romance Month! People spend on average this year over $196.31 per person on Valentine’s. What slice of that are you capturing for your business?

Don’t wait until the last minute to plan out your next slipstream promotion. Next up is St. Paddy’s Day for March. One of my personal favorites, as I am Irish

Click the button below. Check out our Done For You, Inexpensive, Fun, Clever, Make-You-More-Sales promotion for the entire month. We’ve already done the work for you and it’s ready to go to fill your business with hungry customers with fistfuls of the green stuff. And I’m not referring to green beer.




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