Do online consumer reviews affect your sales and demand?

Like it or not, the answer is YES.

I found a detailed and comprehensive study done by a very smart person at Harvard University. They analyzed over 1637 restaurants over a 6-year time period.

The results will shock you.

Especially if you own a restaurant. Any business, really.

You must acknowledge the impact of online restaurant reviews and you must play an active role in managing your reviews.

A Harvard Business School study shows that a one-star increase in your Yelp rating can lead to a 9 percent revenue increase.

9% is HUGE!

Click here to see the full study.

If you don’t want to look at the report. I have summarized it here for you in 5 concise points:

  1. A one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to a 5-9 percent increase in revenue
  2. This effect is driven by independent restaurants; ratings do not affect restaurants with chain affiliation.
  3. Chain restaurants have declined in market share as Yelp penetration has increased. This suggests that online consumer reviews substitute for more traditional forms of reputation. They then test whether consumers use these reviews in a way that is consistent with standard learning models. They present two additional findings:
  4. Consumers do not use all available information and are more responsive to quality changes that are more visible and
  5. Consumers respond more strongly when a rating contains more information. Consumer response to a restaurant’s average rating is affected by the number of reviews and whether the reviewers are certified as “elite” by Yelp, but is unaffected by the size of the reviewers’ Yelp friends network.

I’m sure you get the idea…

More Stars = More Customers = More Sales = More Money

Google Review 5 Stars

Keep reaching for those 5 stars!


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