Of course, you do!

What brick and mortar business in today’s world doesn’t need more reviews to attract new customers? I can’t think of one.

92% of your new customers are looking at your reviews online before coming to your business. It’s just something we do now; it’s the new word of mouth marketing.

Funny story: We just received our Yellow Pages book at the office yesterday– we aren’t sure how long it was sitting outside, it looked like it went through a war. Most of the staff looked at it and asked…what’s that?

Believe or not, I used to sell Yellow Pages advertising locally, way back in the day, before Google. I cut my teeth going door to door, pitching display ads to local businesses. That’s how it was done back then. Great experience though– taught me a very good understanding of direct response marketing and what an independent business needs to compete in a marketplace.

So, I took the tattered and beaten book into my office to use as a prop in a video that I will shoot later. But I digress, back to getting you more reviews…

So how do you go about getting more reviews?

Beyond monitoring and responding to reviews, business have figured out 1 important thing to getting more reviews…ASK for them!

That’s right, NEWSFLASH: the best way to get more 5-star reviews is to ask your best customers to review you.

Other than Yelp (which we all know and love, right?), review sites encourage asking your customers to post reviews about your business on their sites. It’s good for your business, and good for them.

Here are 3 down and dirty ways to get more reviews for your business:

  1. The most successful way is to send an email to your best customers, asking nicely and embedding a link to where you wish to target your reviews.
  2. Put a link on your website showing your reviews (if you can monitor or have some monitor this) and encourage people to click and leave you a review.
  3. Use 4-walls marketing: signage, posters in your public restrooms, print a small piece with a link or “QR” code driving your customers to where you want them to leave a review, etc.

As you create a strategy to get more online reviews, ensure that your efforts are going to follow each individual review site’s guidelines. You want to be rewarded, not penalized, for asking for online reviews.

Get creative, have fun, and don’t be boring!

Have a great weekend,