Don’t let the Dog Days of Summer take a bite out of your sales! (Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun).

Sometimes we all need a little help with our sales during specific times of the year. When I had my restaurants, I remember that July and August would slow down because of everything going on in our community that people could take advantage of instead of eating at my place.

We are in Michigan and have a short summer season, so there are always lots of activities, festivals, and community events that pull customers away from our businesses. We need something to bring them back and get them excited about coming in to spend money with us.

People have a short attention span. What was that you say? All kidding aside, it’s less than the attention span of a goldfish, and it ain’t getting any better. If you want something to blame, look down, there’s probably one sitting on your desk, or even worse, you’re reading this blog post on it right now… yep, your phone! Biggest distraction to the human species since time began.

What does that mean for you as a business owner?

It means you have to stay in front of your customers constantly because they are being distracted by your competitors and every other business in the world trying to sell them something.

Enter “Dog Days of Summer Scratch and Win Promotion.” We love this promotion for many reasons:

  • It uses slipstream curiosity-based marketing (same concept as our No Peeking Promotion)
  • There is a 100% delivery rate (You hand it to your customers)
  • It has value (There’s a secret prize under the scratch-off, so they don’t throw it away)
  • It stays in front of your customers until they come back to see you (That’s the curiosity part)
  • It’s inexpensive! (No mailing costs)
  • And more!

Here are a couple money-making lessons for you:

When something works… keep doing it until it doesn’t! So many business owners get bored of their marketing before their customers do.

The other lesson is, if something works, tweak it to use it over and over again. This promotion has the same concept as our massively successful Red Envelope/No Peeking promotion. Slipstream Curiosity-Based Marketing is powerful stuff. Use it to supercharge your marketing to make more sales.

Want to know the secrets of this promotion and get $300 in FREE Bonuses if we do the entire thing for you? Watch the short video below:

Option 1:

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Option 2:

If you want to do the whole thing yourself, no worries. Click the button below to download the PDF file with examples of the promotion and directions of how to use it in your business to increase sales this summer- my FREE gift to you.

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