I tell this story at most of my speaking engagements. Whether I am a seminar speaker or doing a training on Online Marketing / Review Management, the story goes like this:

About 7 years ago, my youngest daughter, who is now 16, asked in front of my now 18-year-old daughter (who is in college studying to be a Vet and thinks she knows everything), “Dad why do we Spring Ahead and move the clocks forward an hour?”

Great question! I was ready to impress my 9-year-old with Daddy’s vast knowledge of history and summation of the textbook answer of why we move the clocks ahead an hour in the Spring. I was just about to regale her with a 15-minute dissertation when my oldest Daughter said, “Why are you asking Dad? Just Google it on your phone!”

I was literally crushed! Replaced by a 4 x 2 electronic box that apparently knows more than I do and can answer any question in the world by just saying, “Hey Siri…”

I thought, “I can either fight this or embrace it.” Believe me, I thought about the bloody mutiny and battle that would ensue in my house if I shut off the internet until my daughters realized that Dad still knew a thing or two. But, I quickly dismissed that idea in fear of being attacked by two formidable opponents. Three, if you count my wife. So, I embraced the “Google Machine” and started Googling stuff together with my daughters. We would discuss what we found from the all-knowing, all-controlling black box referred to as Siri.

The lesson here is: This is how your new customers find you in today’s world. Period. They Google your business specifically or your business type to find what they are looking for, and guess what? If they are Googling you, that means they are probably ready to buy something. That’s the power of Google – Connecting businesses to buyers when they are ready to buy.

Consumers go online when searching for information about anything. But especially when searching for information about your business. And they use Google. Google controls over 79% of all online searches globally. Over 3.5 Billion – with a B – searches are done every day on Google.

Do you think someone might be searching for your business on Google?

And what do potential new customers see about your business when they Google you? That’s right, those Gold Stars. Your Online Reviews. 4 out 5 of your potential new customers will read between 3-7 reviews about you before deciding if they will visit your business. It’s what they do.

Try this important test to see what your New Customers see about your business.

  1. Clear your history from Google
  2. Type in the name of your business
  3. Type in the category of your business (restaurant, auto repair, clothing store etc.)

Then see what comes up and answer these questions:

  1. What is your star rating on Google?
  2. Are you answering both positive and negative reviews?
  3. Do you see Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook or any other site about your business that has reviews?
  4. Are you answering those reviews?
  5. What’s your star rating there?
  6. How many reviews do you have?
  7. Do you show up in Google’s Map? (They only show 3)
  8. What Review Sites do you see when you Google your business category?
  9. Are you in the Top 3 on those review sites under your category?

And the #1 Biggest question to ask yourself is:

Would you come to your business based on what you just found on Google?

Just some food for thought for this holiday weekend.

Happy Easter!