How are you doing? How’s business? Can’t wait for summertime to hit?

I get it – winter blues can be difficult for you and your customers.

On this week’s video, I cover a HUGE mistake business owners make when advertising in their local papers and in other media. Especially when they are lumped in with multiple merchants all pitching the same thing.

Watch this week’s edition to see how NOT to get taken advantage of when the ad reps come calling.

In today’s marketplace, small business owners are inundated with marketing sales reps selling everything from ad space in your local paper, to the Yelp guy or gal that won’t stop calling you. Have you ever had one of those? (Like all the time, right?)

Don’t succumb to their peer pressure and cheap tricks. They’re out for one thing and one thing only…to sell Real Estate. Whether it be online, buried in a newspaper, or lumped in with 300 other coupons.

Your ad rep is NOT a Direct Response Marketing Expert. Caveat Emptor.

I don’t want to see you throw your money away on useless advertising or just blatant couponing to attract new customers. They probably are not the customers you want anyway – they come in, use the coupon, and then you never see them again.

You deserve better than that!

Watch the video above and then click the button below to schedule a call with one of my Direct Response Marketing Experts in your industry. No high-pressure sales pitch and no endless Yelp-like phone calls. Just you and a marketing expert giving some great advice and information. Do something good for your business right now.


I almost forgot – I will be speaking in Orlando next week for Royalty Rewards and for The Best Independent Restaurant Association on Thursday, March 5th. If you are in the area, here is the link for free tickets – at the door they are $97.


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