Ok, if you have been reading my blogs for the past 2 years then you know how important reviews are to the success of your business in attracting new customers. No surprise there, I know you get it, so I won’t go on and on about how important reviews are to your sales.

What I want to share with you is something that is extremely important to asking for reviews and getting MORE 5-Star reviews for your business – which will get you more new customers.


Timing is crucial when asking for a review from your customers. Ask at the wrong time and you kill your chance of getting them to post that coveted 5-Star review. Most businesses put zero thought into this and yet it’s so important.

Send a request too early and the customer might not have a chance to be wowed by your product and service. Send it too late and they may have forgotten about you and the exceptional experience with your company.

You need to find that sweet spot – the right moment to ask for a review from your customers. In addition, you need to be able to, as my friend Ryan “The Restaurant Boss” puts it: “triage” their comments before they take it to the world wide web, posting their negativity for all to see. (This is an advanced strategy that is extremely powerful and customized for each business for our clients.)

You also want to be able to laser-target the specific review sites that you need the most help with to advance your rankings on those particular sites. I recommend asking for a single site review, two max. And the best way to ask is electronically if you are able, whether it’s via email, text, QR code etc. Make it easy for your customers since you are asking them basically for a favor to do something on your behalf.

Some key strategies and media that we use when asking for reviews are:

  • Business cards with QR codes on them for employees
  • Signage
  • Follow-up Emails
  • Electronic Surveys
  • Letters (yes, actual pen and paper)
  • Social media
  • Texting
  • Website

There are lots of different ways, you just need to ask the right question…When to ask?