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Easter Promotion Generates Over $69,367

Get Your Best Customers Back Quicker, Spending More Money

“It was a GREAT month! We had 60% redemption rate on our Promotion and a 22% increase in sales over previous years. Thanks!!!!!”

Brian Pettit, The Rusty Keg

“We get a better return every year on this promotion – ensuring a busy month! “

Angel Harper, Mocha Cabana

Our guests are always excited by this promotion, and usually come in waving them around : ) They love it.”

Mary Acuna, The Red Oak Restaurant

“I can say that this Promotion was a huge part on our staying in the black for the month.”

Ernest Adams, Oktoberfest German Restaurant

“Everyone got a kick out of it, all the guests loved it, and the wait staff enjoyed the buzz and excitement. Best of all, sales were up!

Eddie Smeen, Skewers Mediterranean Grille

How It All Works

No Peeking is our #1 restaurant promotion of all time – it’s simple, and will make your sales soar. Hand your Easter-themed envelopes out to your customers in April, and they will bring them back in May to see what they’ve won. The envelopes are stuffed with various prizes that they can win from your restaurant, but they can’t PEEK until they bring them back!

The envelopes are only valid if your customers bring them back to your restaurant in May, and must be opened in front of one of your staff members to see which prize they have won. You control the prizes and quantities – so pick what works best for you!

Step 1

Pass out the envelopes to your customers in April.

Step 2

Your customers will bring back their envelopes in May and open it in front of a staff member to see what they have won.

Step 3

Watch your register fill up with cash from hungry customers with No Peeking envelopes.

Here’s The Proof

This promotion works like crazy because everyone loves to win! We have been doing this promotion for restaurant owners for the past 17 years, and let me tell you…IT WORKS!

It has been proven and tested to work by thousands of restaurants with different styles and number of seats in all 50 states and Canada.

Your customers can’t wait to rush back into your restaurant to see what they’ve won!

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You Might Be Thinking…

Our No Peeking promotion works in any market, for any style of restaurant: Fast, Casual and Fine Dining, Carryout, Family, Italian, BBQ, Chinese…the list goes on.

This promotion has been proven and tested to work by thousands of restaurants with different styles and number of seats in all 50 states and Canada over the past 17 years. This promotion works so well, even the big corporate chains use it – maybe you have seen it done in the past.

It works so well because it’s simple, stands out, and fits in with the Easter theme. It uses psychology and the emotion curiosity to drive your customers back to your restaurant.

Your customers are looking at your No Peeking envelopes, dying to know what they won. They cannot wait to rush back to your restaurant to see what prize they have won. Everyone loves to win!

This promotion is inexpensive to you because you do not have put a stamp on these envelopes and mail them out. You HAND them to your best customers that come to your restaurant.

You could, but…

The quickest & best way to achieve something is to find someone that has done the thing you want to accomplish successfully… and if they can do it faster, cheaper, better have them do it. That’s called leverage.

I know you’re busy, I used to own restaurants myself, we get it. We will design, print, stuff and seal, and mail them to you. We know what works.

What You Get For Free


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Who will help customize your promotion and tell you what works.

Retail: $197 FREE


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NO Print Plate Charge

Retail: $50 FREE


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Tips From Other Restaurant Owners Who Have Used This Promotion

“4000 Customers Redeemed Envelopes”

  • Highlight a small prize on the envelope, but don’t include any certificates for that prize inside. We all know that no one likes winning the smallest prize.
  • Have one grand prize to give away that gets people excited. This may include: a Smart TV, an iPad, a trip for two, or even a pair of tickets to a sporting event or concert. Don’t forget to take pictures when you give the winner their grand prize!
  • Simple prizes to give away may include: a free appetizer, dessert or beverage, a percentage off the bill, a BOGO coupon, gift cards, etc. Pick the prizes that work best for your business.

It’s All Done For You

The best part is, we will do all the work for you! I know you’re busy, I used to own restaurants myself – I get it.

We will design, print, stuff, and mail your envelopes to you in time for you to pass out to your customers in April. Just hand them out and watch your sales in May soar!

Another huge benefit of this promotion: it’s easy, inexpensive, and done for YOU!

There are no mailing costs, because you don’t have to put a stamp on these envelopes and mail them out. You HAND them to your customers that come to your restaurant. You know it’s getting directly into the hands of the right people because your staff gives them to your existing customers. That’s half the battle for a successful marketing campaign!

It’s like guaranteed delivery to your best customers for FREE!

What To Do Next

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  • Step 2: We will call to confirm your order and get some information from you, then start designing your customized envelopes and certificates.

  • Step 3: We will send you a proof then print, stuff and seal, then mail your envelopes to you to hand out to your customers. We do all the hard work for you!

Ordered No Peeking

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