“Dia duit.” That’s an old Irish greeting, and I thought it would be appropriate as we are quickly approaching St. Patty’s Day. And because I’m Irish and love to celebrate on the 17th! I hope you are doing well this week.

I ordered something on Amazon last week, like who hasn’t ordered something on Amazon recently? My goodness, the Amazon truck is on my street at least 12 times a day, no kidding. There is a massive Amazon warehouse 10 minutes from where I live, so stuff shows up like magic (lucky me!)

I ordered a spoon holder that you leave on your stovetop for when you’re cooking. Simple product, nothing groundbreaking. They were priced between $10 – $30, and there were so many different kinds. I chose a nice wood one to match my kitchen.

When the Amazon envelope arrived and I opened it, I was shocked by the marketing message on the outside of the box.

You have to see this… it will make you money.

Communicating with your customers after the sale is super important. It does many good things for your business and the relationship you have with your customers going forward.

“How much you will make this year is directly related to the strength of your relationship with your customer list.”


Pin that one on the wall next to your desk. Because of the climate and the situation we are all in, people are especially looking for a connection more than ever. And the way you make that connection might look a little different as we still have restrictions for face-to-face contact with our customers.

That doesn’t mean that you stop connecting with your customers after they buy. Just because they ordered something online or had it delivered, and they don’t physically come into your business right now. Or you can’t see their face because they have a mask on. You still need to make that connection with them after the sale. Why? Because it brings them back and turns your existing customers into advocates of your business.

It Solidifies The Sale And Strengthens Your Relationship.

What does this mean? I will use the example from my new spoon holder box and the company that sent it to me. It’s a spoon holder, right? Nothing fancy, not a big decision to purchase. So go through all the trouble of sharing their personal story and inspiration for starting their company and pay the expense to have it printed on the outside of the box?

Read this on the back of the box and see what happens:

That’s a pretty touching story, right? Makes you feel good about giving them money. Sums up the whole reason why they started the company in 2 paragraphs. That’s just good marketing. And, the product is good, too. But guess what… when I need more kitchen gadgets, I will check them out first. That’s what I mean by solidifying the sale. Making you feel good about your purchase.

What’s your story? Are you telling it to your new customers? How?

What Can I Sell Next?

Once you establish that relationship, it’s okay to sell them something else. Everyone gets this part. But, you need to establish a relationship with your first-time customers as soon as possible. And I don’t mean just telling them what else they can buy. Be cool, sell stuff. Show your customers value, be nice to them, and listen. These are all important keys to having a successful follow-up funnel to have the right to sell more.

Bill Glazer, one of my marketing mentors, taught me that you have to earn the right to sell to your first-time customers. I was confused when he told me that. My idea was they must like me because they bought stuff from me and I want to sell them more. Bill taught me that’s like jumping into marriage right after your first date. They aren’t really sure about you yet, and trust is earned. Bill has such a great way of putting things.

This is an example from one of our client’s Monthly Newsletter

One of the best relationship follow-up marketing tools you can have in your marketing toolbox is a monthly print newsletter from your business. It keeps that relationship strong, and it’s like dropping an iron cage around your customers so you don’t lose them to your competition.

I have been designing, producing, and mailing print newsletters for my clients with no work on their part for over 13 years, and it is hands down the #1 way to get your existing customers back to your business and keep that relationship strong. But you cant just sell, sell, sell your stuff in a newsletter. It’s boring, intrusive, and it turns your customers off. You can sell in your newsletter – there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. A monthly newsletter is designed to be the most powerful relationship-building marketing piece any business can have. Keeps you top of mind with your customers

If you are interested in getting information on a Done For You Customer Newsletter customized for your business give us a call at 248-716-3110 and we can fill you in on the most powerful sales generating media that you control for your business.

How To Follow Up

At this point you are probably thinking ok, ok, I get it. I need to follow-up with my customers and be in relationship building mode to sell more. But how do you do that?


Well, I gave you the #1 way with a print newsletter. I would also supplement that with an email version as well. Another great way is to send a weekly email to your customer list, just like the ones I send you. And don’t just sell, sell, sell in them. People will get turned off and unsubscribe. I have lots of very clever clients that send a weekly joke, recipe, or a how-to video – something of value to the reader.

I always get asked the question: “Mike, how many emails should I send my customers in a month?”

The answer is, it depends. It depends on what you are sending them. Is there value there to the reader? Is there an offer that benefits them with a sense of urgency? Will it make them laugh, cry, or go hmmm? Does it entertain or teach? These are all things to consider when planning out your emails to your customers.

A personal note or gift works well to show appreciation and keep your relationship strong. When I used to have my catering company, I always sent a personal thank you note after each catering function. Depending on the function, I would also send a gift basket along with the thank you. This makes you stand out and gives your customers a good feeling about doing business with you.

If you have an auto repair shop, I have lots of clients that do little special things for their customers when they perform a service on their cars. For example:

  • They would leave a thank you card in the passenger seat with a treat
  • Return the car with a car wash
  • Follow-up with a phone call a few days after to make sure everything is okay
  • Send an email follow-up
  • Give a thank you certificate for a discount on their next service or oil change

There are a few ideas that work for any business… auto repair, restaurant, or retail.

The Biggest, Most Powerful Reason That Directly Affects Your New Customer Acquisition For Your Follow-Up Marketing Is…

To get reviews!

That’s right… to get more Google reviews for your business. And, depending on your industry TripAdvisor, Zomato, Yelp, etc. This is imperative to the success of your business. Because without a steady stream of new customers and reviews, your business will slowly fade away. You need new customers!

And 92% of your new customers check Google and your review sites before spending money with you. Even if their best friend or aunt or uncle told them to check you out, they still check your reviews. Ask Amazon.

The people that leave you reviews are called brand advocates. You need to have a system to encourage, capture, and market your reviews to attract new customers away from your competition when they are looking for your type of business on the internet. Don’t stick your head in the sand on this one, it’s too important to the success of your business.


Important note: Because of the current climate and how important reviews are to your business, I’m holding a Live Online Web Class on How To Use Google And Review Sites to Get More New Customers For Your Business.

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