I hope you are doing well and getting ready for the holidays. Despite our current situation, make the most of this holiday season!

I was looking at some old marketing the other day, good to review what has been proven to work before and adapt. There was an old program on investing called 7 STEPS TO 7 FIGURES. In the program, the author makes this statement: “It’s not the stocks you pick that make you rich, it’s that you choose to invest in stocks.”

This premise is correct for long-term, blue-chip stock investors. But it contains a much bigger ‘secret.’ In abbreviated form, here it is: “It’s not the specific actions you take that make you rich as much as it is that you take a lot of actions.”

In today’s world, there is no magic bullet. There isn’t just one thing that you can do to get more customers that will make you rich. There are way too many distractions for your customers today to only be using one method to capture their attention. Your customers and potential customers are continuously being bombarded with tens of thousands of marketing messages through multiple media channels every day.

I found an AWESOME marketing strategy inside a carton of eggs I bought at the grocery store.

Click the video below to see the exact marketing piece if found inside this egg carton.

It’s very cool, and you can adapt it to your business, especially right now for the Pandemic!

It’s a lot tougher than it used to be to get and keep someone’s attention. It isn’t getting easier with the younger generation either. You need to take massive action using multiple media channels.

Having a print component to your marketing is ESSENTIAL in today’s environment. Especially during the Pandemic for this simple reason: to continue to cement your relationship and communicate with your customers for every carryout, delivery, curbside pick-up, contactless oil change you make.


You need a system that uses multiple media channels to reach your customers and potential customers on a consistent basis. You need to be doing 10 things that each bring you 10 customers. There isn’t one thing that will bring you 100 new customers in today’s market. That just isn’t reality.

I always get the question from new clients – do I really need to do print marketing and email marketing? YES. You need to do it all. Test and test again. This is how you become successful with your marketing. Test, evaluate, tweak, and replicate. Good formula for success. That’s what we do at DFY.

One of the most successful marketing pieces you can do for your business right now is a print newsletter.

Check out the Vital Farms Mini-Newsletter that I showed you in the video.

Vital Times Egg Carton Marketing
Vital Times Egg Carton Marketing

Yes, it’s going to get read because it’s inside the carton of eggs I just bought and opened to make my omelet. That’s the power of a PRINT newsletter. It doesn’t get buried in hundreds of emails that your customers get each day.

If you aren’t putting a PRINT piece in every single carryout bag, container, order, etc., you are missing a HUGE marketing opportunity.

I love Newsletters!

The relationship with your prospect and customer list is NOT a static asset. There are many businesses that brag about having huge lists, but it’s not the size of the list that makes a difference — it’s the relationship with that list. Yes, bigger is better, but you need to be doing something to build a strong relationship with your customers.

How Much You Will Make In 2021 Will Be Determined By How Strong Your Relationship Is With Your Customer List!

Laminate that message and pin it next to your desk… it’s SUPER important.

A newsletter helps you build your community and your credibility. Newsletters are perceived as a publication… not advertising. That means, if you do it right, you’ll be able to develop trust and strengthen customer relationship. In other words, be a welcome guest instead of an annoying pest!

I have also included a holiday example from of our Done For You Newsletter clients so you can see what a direct response newsletter looks like.

DFY Print Newsletter

We have been creating and sending out newsletters for our clients for the past 14 years. It’s one of our most effective Done For You Marketing Systems that we do for our clients. Newsletters are the most powerful media that you can be using to grow your business. We cracked the code for creating newsletters that get ripped open and get read and get your customers back.

If you are interested in a newsletter or any print marketing piece that you HAVE to be including in every carryout, delivery or curbside pick up order NOW, click the button below to jump on a quick call with my Director of Operations, Tara, who is a print marketing expert. She can make some recommendations and give you some ideas of what is working now for businesses in your industry


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Stay the course, and don’t take your foot off the marketing pedal!


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