Have you Googled your business lately?

Have you seen what comes up?

If you haven’t done this, do it after this reading this email. It might shock you, but this is exactly what your potential NEW CUSTOMERS are seeing about your business and this is what they are using to make a buying decision to either come to your business and spend money or go to your competition.

You only see a snippet of what your business is about and what people are saying about you. We make decisions based on snippets in today’s world. Very rarely does someone read the full story anymore. They get information in small chunks.

Because of this, online reputation has become one of the most powerful drivers of revenue and growth. Whether you own a small restaurant or an international destination brand with hundreds of locations around the world, your ability to monitor, influence, and improve the way your business is perceived online by existing and potential customers can spell the difference between winning and losing.

This is where your reputation management comes in.

In today’s world where consumers are more empowered than ever by technology and access to seemingly unlimited sources of information on the Internet, your online reputation can either serve as your ultimate competitive differentiator or work against your favor, leading to serious losses.

With the focus shifting to online review sites, social media platforms, and search engines, the reputation of your business is no longer shaped as heavily by traditional media and brand-centric content as it used to be.

Now, your reputation is a picture painted with what consumers are saying online — in the form of online reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google comments and photos on Facebook and search rankings and rich snippets on Google.

  • 68 percent of consumers say that at least half of their local searches result in a visit to a business. These visits eventually translate into sales, with at least half of local searches eventually leading to a purchase for 58 percent of consumers. (2017 Local Search Survey)
  • Social media: 83 percent of consumers say they discover new businesses, services, and products monthly through social media before other sources. (Social Media Link)
  • Reviews rank second only to price as the most important factor considered by new customers looking for a local business. Also, 93 percent of business owners agree that reviews are “important for the future” of their business, and 59 percent consider online reputation management as one of the biggest investment priorities in business today. (TripAdvisor)

So, what are your new customers seeing when they Google your business?

Have a great weekend!