A friend of mine sent me this poem today in celebration of Black Friday:

“Twas the day after Thanksgiving, and all through the mall

Not a shopper was stirring, due to Covid and all

Instead, all consumers were glued to their phones,

To (digitally) buy TVs, tablets, and drones.”

So, my question to you is – are you buying or selling today?

Way back early on in my career as a serial marketer, I was a private coaching client of the master of Outrageous Marketing, Mr. Bill Glazer. Bill told me something that I never forgot that has literally made me millions of dollars in my business and for my clients. I have it pinned on a big sign on my wall in my office.

Wanna know what is?


Three simple letters that will change your business if you remember what it stands for.


That’s right, as a business owner, never let a good marketing or sales opportunity pass you by. You should always be looking for the next product, message, new media that you haven’t used before to market yourself and your business.

But that doesn’t mean abandoning the ones that are working right now. You will get bored of your marketing and the channels you use to communicate with your list LONG before your customers will. Big lesson here. To succumb to the shiny object syndrome. Test, and then test, then retest, adjust, and then test again. That’s what we do.

In Peter Lynch’s “One Up On Wall Street,” he said something interesting about picking stocks that applies to marketing your business. If you invested 100,000.00 in the S&P 500 in 1994 and sold in 1998 you would have sold for $350,000.00 and made a cool quarter-million bucks.

But if you missed just 19 days in that 4-year span, the biggest 19 days, at the end of ’98, your investment would have been worth only $150,000.00 and instead of making a $250,000.00 profit, you would have made only $50,000.00.

The exact same principle applies to marketing your business. You never always know what the best days of the month are for marketing. Nor do you know the exact day your existing prospects or customers are ready to take you up on your offer or look at your message.

Your best bet and the easiest way to maximize your chances of getting the most customers from your marketing is by marketing to new prospects frequently AND marketing to your existing customers as often as possible. You should be in contact with them multiple times throughout the month using multiple forms of media.

Especially after the first time they come into your business. That is one of the most crucial and critical times where they receive something from you quickly. Immediately after their first visit. Don’t you like to be remembered after first meeting someone? Makes you feel good if you hear from that person right away. Simply saying “Thanks for talking or meeting with me,” gives you positive reinforcement about that person. It’s the same way with your business and your first-time customers. Get them something right away to cement the relationship.

Staying consistently “in the game,” diversifying your marketing by marketing towards new customers, new movers, residents in highly targeted neighborhoods, or other targeted market segments simultaneously is a good way to maximize your marketing return.

Marketing only 1-2 days a month or sending out only a couple of mailings to your customer list and never mailing or doing new customers acquisition marketing to any new target markets or inactive customers is a losing strategy. You need to always be filling your marketing funnel with fresh leads.

Ask yourself how many “marketing” ships did you send out today?

And remember A.B.S!

Happy Black Friday,


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Things that are working with real numbers that have been tested, tweaked, retested, and proven to work. For your business in your industry.

Always Be Selling.

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