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What does that mean? Two words: Alexa and Google. Smart speakers for those who prefer the simpler version. Do you have one in your house? I must confess… I have three. Don’t be shy, it’s ok. And yes, I have funny names for all of them and have changed the voice to Samual Jackson on a few of them. Gotta have fun, right? My daughters think it’s creepy that I have conversations with them about the news, weather, local restaurants, etc. I even tell them that Alexa’s my best friend sometimes. Always so polite and never talks back or asks for money. Well, that’s not true… she’s always trying to sell me something LOL.

Amazon Alexa makes up about 70% of the smart speaker in-home market, with Google making up the remaining 28%. There are a few other not as well known brands accounting for the other 2%. Having Alexa hooked up to your Amazon Prime account makes it super easy to buy things. If you have one, have you ever noticed how it seems to know what you need when you need it? Creepy? Maybe a little. I think she’s always listening.

I do enjoy playing music on them, too. The quality of sound has very much improved with technology over the years. But one of the most popular uses for these devices is a local business search. For example, that’s when you ask it to show you “The Best Italian Restaurant Near Me.”

(This is my kitchen Alexa for when I search for restaurants)

Here is a picture of my Alexa in my kitchen and the results when I asked her to show me the best Italian restaurants near me. Simple and easy, and I don’t have to type anything in. After she displays these top three (that’s all that is shown on the screen), I can ask her to display more information, call or make a reservation, and even order carry-out if you can believe that one, at any of these restaurants. All without typing in a thing.

Now the important part you need to know is how Alexa is deciding which restaurants to show when the question is asked to display searches. And what your potential new customers see when businesses under your category show up under a search.

Like I said, your new customers will only see three businesses for each category with the name of the business, a picture, dollar rating, type of business, and star rating according to Yelp. Yes, Yelp. And I know how you love Yelp.

Now Alexa pulls information from Yext and mainly Yelp. Yes, your Yelp listing. That means your Yelp listing must be claimed and optimized if you want in on the Digital Voice Search market with Alexa. It’s critical. And with numbers on the rise with digital voice searches for local businesses, you want to be ahead of your competition on this one.

Don’t play catch up, be a market leader when it comes to capturing more new customers in your neighborhood.

Happy Yelping!


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