I have always said that how strong your relationship is with your customers will determine how much money you will make this year (or any year for that fact). The success of any business is not based on the size of your list, it’s based on how strong your customers feel a connection with you and your business.

The other day, I received a note from one of our DFY Newsletter Clients who owns an auto repair shop. She does an awesome job running the shop with her husband and team, and she’s an excellent marketer, too. I would say, “she gets it,” and it shows in the success of her business.

This formula works for any business. I don’t care if you own a restaurant, auto repair, jewelry shop, gym, attorney practice, plumbing company, etc. Give your customers an experience that they can’t help but tell their friends about, post 5-star reviews about, and then use good direct-response marketing to market the heck out of it. In today’s world, you need both to be a success.

Getting back to my client now… she does a lot of marketing and has a great list of customers that she has built over the years and communicates with them using multiple media forms throughout the month- smart. Her #1 marketing piece that always makes her money is her monthly print newsletter.

She sends her top customers and NEW potential customers her newsletter every month. And guess what? Every time she does, she gets more business. Go figure.

In her last newsletter, she mentioned that it was time to have your RV checked before hitting the road this summer. Check out the Facebook post she made:

8 RVs lined up in her parking lot, waiting to be repaired from clients that received her newsletter. Wow- how awesome is that? That’s the power of a PRINT newsletter.

Newsletters are the most powerful media (that you own) to staying “top of mind” with your customers and cementing the all-important relationship with them to keep them from wandering off to your competition. Being top of mind… that’s what it’s all about.

That’s why I call them mistake-proof. Because no matter what you do when your customers get your PRINT newsletter in the mail, I guarantee you they will think of you and no one else when they see it. Not any of the other mail that they will probably throw out, not your competition, and definitely not their nagging boss from earlier that day. Nope! When they get your PRINT newsletter, they will absolutely think about you and your business.

Newsletters don’t get thrown away because people see value in PRINT- and if you do it right, it’s interesting, informative, fun, and it sells. They are perceived as a publication, not a solicitation. Sneak up marketing.

Newsletters aren’t just a matter of sticking a bunch of articles on a page and calling it a day. Now there is a method to the madness to create an awesome newsletter that gets people so excited to see it in their mailbox that they have to rip it open. That’s where we come in.

Want to see an example? Want to see the actual newsletter that we created for this auto repair shop that got her all these new RV repair jobs?


As I said, this works for any business. And you might be wondering why do I keep saying PRINT in all caps?

That’s easy. Email newsletters, on average, only get an 18% open rate on a good day. That’s if they make it past the spam filters anyway. That means if you send out 100 email newsletters, only 18 of those will get opened. And that doesn’t mean they are going to get read.

Your customers are inundated every day with hundreds of emails, just like you and me. But, they will only receive one awesome PRINT newsletter this month in their mailbox from a business that shows them how much they appreciate them and their loyalty. Be that business!

Now I’m not saying don’t send emails. Oh no, no. I would do both. And you don’t have to send everyone in your list a PRINT newsletter. You can start with your top 250 customers and build from there. I also love the strategy of sending a PRINT newsletter to new customers that aren’t on your list that have never been to your business before. What a great way to introduce yourself and invite them in to check you out.

Newsletters can get you new customers because they aren’t viewed as a sales piece like being lumped into a mailer pack full of coupons with hundreds of other local businesses. Newsletters make you stand out amongst the sea of competition fighting for customers.

If you’re ready to step up and start communicating with your customers and use the #1 relationship marketing tool of all time… and put that steel cage around your customers so they don’t wander off to your competition, AND get new customers using stealth marketing techniques inside your newsletter, then click the button below to talk to one of our DFY Newsletter Marketing Experts and see how newsletters can make you sales from your existing customers and how it can get you new customers.

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Also, if you mention that you read this article, I will throw in an incredible FREE Bonus for you if you decide to do your first PRINT newsletter with us. Don’t wait to do something incredibly good for your business today.

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