Happy Friday. Hope you had a good week!

Remember a few months ago when the toilet paper craze was going on? It was almost impossible to find a single roll!

I call it The Great TP Craze of 2020.

Was it a real shortage, or something else? Why did everyone think they needed to hoard it? Did you?

In this week’s video, I cover a great marketing strategy from The Great TP Craze of 2020 that you should be using for your business right now. This information is the key to success for any event, promotion, or whatever you are selling with a limited quantity. Use this technique to drive customers to your business like a herd of hungry lions looking for their next meal.

It’s time to get your customers back, excited, and wanting more from your business.

Have a great weekend and catch me in your inbox with another edition of Mike’s Marketing Meeting next week!



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