There was a Pizzeria a few years ago that, as a holiday bonus, donated all of its sales for one single day to their staff. This Pizzeria has over fifty employees, and they plan to hire more staff when they open their second location. That’s a pretty generous offer.

That single day, they set a record for the most sales at their restaurant. Each employee received over three hundred dollars for their bonus. They attribute it to the publicity and the marketing that they did leading up to that day. It also served to stock their file with lots of new prospective employees for their second location.

When you do something like this at your business, it is beneficial to do a press release to inform the media of what you are doing. The press is always looking for a good story you just need to supply them with one.

The decision to give away their sales for one day paid off for this restaurant. I’m sure it created lots of goodwill among their staff and the local community, as it was written up in all of their local papers. I’m also sure that it got the employees motivated to help get as many people to come into the restaurant for that one day. It would’ve also been good if they had something in place to collect contact information for all of those new customers that this promotion drove in. So, they can follow up with them with their marketing after the event.

The Vice President of the fast food chain Chick-fil-a was interviewed about an interesting perspective on their beliefs and direction for the company. They used to have a section on their website called, “Every Life Has A Story.” They shoot videos about the stories of the customers who come into their restaurants. They believe their job is to improve the “story” of their customers.

They work from a guiding directive of improving their customers’ lives. They also get a lot of good information from the videos about how to better serve their customers. He told a story about one operator in Kansas City who shot videos about their ninety-nine cent kid’s meals and how their customers wanted more for kids than just a cheap meal. This operator came up with a great idea for the restaurant: a Daddy-Daughter date night. Great idea for any restaurant. And they wouldn’t have known that price wasn’t what their customers wanted – they wanted an experience. Good lesson.

What people want when choosing any business is an experience and value – in exchange for their money. If you don’t provide them with perceived value, then price will become an issue. But to assume that your guests want the cheapest option for their experience is an injustice for you and them.

Why would you assume I want the cheapest steak, glass of wine or vodka to make my drink? It drives me crazy when I see people doing this.

Remember when giving our customers the “WOW” Experience was the new catch phrase in business?

Now, it’s called providing an “Immersive” Customer Experience. I will be blogging about this throughout the year.

Bottom line: Don’t be boring, and give your customers what they want. Convenience, Value and a Superior Experience.

Good Luck!


P.S. If you really want to know what your customers think and want,  you have to know what they are saying about you online. Your online reviews are what they world sees about your business – including your potential new customers.

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