I was meeting with my team this week, and we were talking about delivery rates for the emails we send out every month. We send over a million emails a month for our clients and for our business. So, we have a pretty good idea of what works for delivery, open, and click rates.

And we’re frustrated. Why are we frustrated?

Because it seems since the Pandemic started, the amount of clutter in everyone’s inbox has shot through the roof! I don’t know if you have noticed in your own email box, which you are looking at right now by the way, but the spam and retail emails from companies has gone crazy since last year.

Retailers and those pesky spam pirates are flooding our inboxes on an hourly basis.

Check out Amazon’s growth in sales – up $570 billion dollars in value since last March. Now Amazon is worth over $1.49 trillion. Wouldn’t it be nice to be Jeff Bezos right about now?

What’s the answer? How do we break through all the email inbox clutter to get your message to your customers and potential new customers???

In this week’s edition of Mike’s Marketing Minutes, I give you a 98% proven way to reach your customers to remind them that you appreciate them, that you’re still here, and that they should come see you.

What Makes A Great Marketing Piece?

Results, right? Of course, that why we do anything as entrepreneurs for our results. This is how we gauge success and performance and make adjustments. But imagine if you had the answers before you take the test. That’s what I will show you using a few examples from my own mail pieces that were delivered to my house.

Don’t Make This Mistake

Ok, I can’t fault them too much because I like the piece. This is a piece that was sent to me in the fall, which is the best time of year for this service. It’s a company that installs gutter guards on houses to prevent the clogging from leaves falling from the trees.

The mistake is that they sent it to me, and I live in a condo where the maintenance is handled by our association. This has no relevance for me at all. The most important thing to remember in marketing is it all starts with the WHO. Does it mean anything to the person that you are sending your message to? Print, email, social, or whatever the chosen media is.

They sent this piece through EDDM, which stands for Every Door Direct Mail. It’s the cheapest postage the U.S. Post Office offers. You blanket a geographic area with no stamp necessary. The drawback is that it goes to everyone in that area, which means you will hit people who won’t want what you are selling, and your existing customers will more than likely get the piece as well. Not an issue if you craft your offer and the piece correctly.

We do Every Door Direct Mail as part of our print division, by the way. If interested, email us or call our office for pricing and examples.

I do like the piece as it appears as a handwritten note from the company. It gets my attention right out of the gate. And it was delivered on an 8 x 11 piece of paper. It has a good call to action which is to call them, and the offer is 15% off which you can see easily. Simple but effective if you need the service.

The best part about the piece is the handwritten font and the way it was delivered. Gets noticed and read. No envelope to open.

Does Anyone Like Pizza?

I sure do!

The good: This piece is an oversized full-color postcard. No envelope to open so it will get seen by the reader. Offers are prevalent and easy to make out. The pictures add to the sale as I know immediately what they are selling and look appetizing. Their hours and website are on the front and back, so I don’t have to struggle to find details.

The bad: The headline is confusing and doesn’t make sense. Our Cloverleaf Points Reward Customers. That isn’t a compelling headline, and it doesn’t make sense. I am not a reward member, and it really doesn’t say anything to me. The subhead is You have reached 1000 FREE Pizzas in the last 2 years. What does that mean? Makes no sense at all.

Remember what I say… CONFUSION KILLS SALES!

The ugly: The layout isn’t the best. There’s a lot going on, and the print is small on the offers. I get what they are trying to sell, but it’s not very clear. There is no address or phone number on the front. I would have opted for phone number instead of the hours.

Make Money With This One!

Ok, I know I’m partial because this is our DFY Slipstream Marketing Piece for this month, but I can’t help myself! It uses all aspects of direct response marketing that works in making sales. Check it out:

This uses slipstream marketing at its finest. It’s a postcard that looks like a stimulus check from the government. This will get noticed, trust me. Everyone is thinking about this right now. It’s fun, creative, and timely.

The front of the postcard has a fun rendition of the statue of liberty and the logo of the business. Notice the name of the person printed in the middle of the postcard and the expiry date in red at the top with the amount of the check, which is your offer. These are all important factors to get a great response from your marketing.

The back of the postcard has a note from you, the owner, and the first name of the person in red at the top. A name is the most recognized word you can put on a marketing piece because everyone likes to see their name. We use variable data computerized print software so we can put the names of your customers anywhere on a piece.

Also, notice the restating of the offer and the expiry date on the back in red. The expiration date is important as it motivates your customers into action. Without it, they wouldn’t act. And for good measure, a testimonial at the bottom which is social proof. This would be used for a cold list of people that are not on your customers that you are trying to get to come to your business.

This piece is fun and timely, and it includes the basis for a successful printed marketing piece which are:

  • Compelling Headline
  • Expiration Date
  • Uses the Prospects Name
  • Clear Offer

Get your message read, cut through the clutter, and make sales! And don’t forget to have some fun with your customers.


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