More eyeballs equal more sales. We all want a bigger audience for our message. Social media platforms don’t care how many people like or follow you. It costs the same for 1 follower as it does for 10,000.

But the trick is getting people to like or follow you and your business’s social media channels. And believe me, it’s getting much harder than it used to be. And with all the updates, changes, and restrictions across all social media channels, they don’t make it easy for anyone.

Unless you can come up with something that goes viral like someone falling down the stairs, the next cute baby gif, or a cat that sings opera, good luck having Facebook show your posts to even 50% of the people that like your page. Social media ain’t what it used to be.

Should you stop doing it? Absolutely NOT! You need to be thinking about social media like you think about building your database and getting new customers. You always have to be doing it.

I have a simple and awesome idea that Jen, our DFY Review Manager, brought to our meeting this week. It’s a great way for a brick-and-mortar business to increase its social media audience.

This example is taken from a car wash by Jen’s house. It’s a simple business card that they pass out to everyone who comes through the full-service car wash line. What caught her attention was the big, bold letters on the front that says: $100 Gift Card Giveaway.

The card asks their customers to like and follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and if they do, they have a chance to win a $100 Gift Card from the car wash. Printed on each card is a unique 4-digit number, and one lucky number will be picked and announced as the winner. The card clearly states when the winner will be announced- that’s important.

Great promotion! Simple, easy to understand, good prize, appeals to their market, has a sense of urgency, and isn’t hard to understand. I like promotions like these.

There are a few things I would add to DFY SUPERCHARGE this promotion!

  • Put “QR” codes that link to their Facebook and Instagram pages on the card.
  • Make them hold on to the card and present it to win.
  • Make the card a little bigger and put a bounce-back promotion on the back.
  • Make sure you have some good social posts when people go to your pages.

These are just a few ideas, and we have a ton more. I like the simplicity of giving this to your existing customers. If you own a restaurant, I would give some to every table, put them in your

carryout bags, have your employees pass them out to their friends and maybe other local businesses as well.

If you have an auto repair shop, give one to every customer. Maybe a few to each so they can give to their friends and family. You could even give some to local collision shops or other services you work with. How about your vendors to pass out for you? Think big and think about who can help.

We are always on the lookout for great marketing and ways to get more “eyeballs” for our clients. That’s the name of the game in today’s world if you want your marketing to be successful. Remember, Facebook doesn’t care if you have 1 or thousands of followers. The more, the better.

Think Creatively, Think Big, And Please Have Fun,


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