A new server can make or break your restaurant; they have the power to turn a good night into an amazing one, and vice versa.

A new mechanic can make your life so much easier by taking the pressure off you having to do ALL the work yourself. Or they can turn into a nightmare that keeps you on the phone dealing with angry customers all day long.

A new salesperson can increase your revenue dramatically or drag your profits down the tubes.

But how do you find these awesome new employees? It’s not easy!

You need to be able to weed through all the resumes, set up interviews, then interview for hours- it’s exhausting. And you have to be able to get to the good ones. Ugh.

Most everyone in any service industry is looking for help right now. That’s what you’re competing against when it comes to locating, attracting, and hiring a great staff. No matter if you own a restaurant, retail, or auto repair shop.

YOUR BUSINESS MUST STAND OUT to attract new employees and get them to take action.

One of the biggest factors that determines the number and quality of your applicants is your online reputation for your business. Your most important asset when it comes to new customer acquisition and finding new staff.

Don’t disregard this.

I’m talking about your Google business listing, social media, and review sites. It’s what other people are saying about you online.

Think about it… what’s the first thing you do when you get a new application? You probably Google their name to see what pops up. You want to do a little intel and research on the person, specifically on social media, before wasting your time and setting up that first interview.

Just in case you find that potential superstar employee that you are desperate to hire was out last night drinking up a storm and throwing up behind the dumpster at the all-night diner while their friends are laughing and videoing the whole incident as it goes live on TikTok.

Yep, it has happened! Might not be the best candidate for your customer forward business. Your call.

My niece used to work in HR at a major brokerage firm, and her job was specifically to sift through hundreds of resumes a day and Google them to see what came up. Then troll all the social media channels and investigate the new applicant’s reputation. If they didn’t pass the social media test, they didn’t get called in for an interview.

That’s your applicant’s online reputation. What you can see about them on Google, LinkedIn, and social media sites. Good word of advice if you have kids, especially teenagers- don’t post anything online that you wouldn’t want a potential new employer to see that is considering you for a job. Scary stuff!

The flip side of all this is that your potential new employees are also checking you out online. I promise you that. They probably found your company through a Google search when they typed in “serving jobs near me.” (Or at least they should have found you.) You need to be where your potential new employees are looking. And right now, you should be everywhere.

So, after they find you from whatever source they used, they will Google your restaurant, auto, or retail shop to check out your website and read your reviews. Nobody wants to work at a restaurant that has a 2.5-star rating on Google. Everyone wants to work at a place with a good star rating and where people are saying nice things about that business on review sites and social media.

In today’s world, new employees want to see that a company is paying attention to their customers and cares enough to respond to reviews and engage on social media. Creates a good first impression for new employees when they are in research mode about your company.

They are ALL checking you out online, guarantee it.

Let me ask you…

Are you in control of your online reputation? What do they see when they Google the name of your business? Are you putting your best foot forward online for your new customers and new employees?

I shot a short 4-minute video that goes over everything I have mentioned here in the blog. It goes a little deeper and gives you some great resources and ideas.

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If you want to get more applications to get more staff right now, you need to pay attention to this. Your online reputation is the most important asset you have to get new staff.

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Have a great week!


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