Ever let yourself get in the way of your own success?

I know it sounds strange, but most people are their own biggest obstacles to becoming truly successful and living the life they want.

Most success is mental and comes with a particular mindset and shift in thinking. Until you make that shift, you won’t reach your true potential. It’s not easy. And most people won’t do it. But you’re not most people, are you? If you’re reading this, I will venture no.

Watch this week’s edition of Mike’s Money-Making Minutes to make sure your head is pointed in the right direction to create an optimum return on your life investment.

Have fun, make money, do good.

Video highlights: 

01:00 Advice from the world’s two most prominent motivational speakers.

01:25 What happens when you market… bad or good?

02:28 Why entrepreneurs do what we do.

03:04 The endless supply of money.

04:04 How to get your head right about money and your business.

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Michael Thibault

Michael Thibault

Known as “The Done For You Marketing Guy for Restaurants.” International Speaker on Restaurant Marketing. Published contributing author of 4 Marketing Books. Industry expert on Google Searches and Review Sites. Recovering Independent Restaurant Owner and Caterer of over 21 years. And, all-around good guy.

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