Everyone wants their social media posting to go viral, right?

So your business name will explode to millions across the internet and you become famous overnight.

Doesn’t happen very often and it’s really hard to predict.

I have an example below of a video that is going viral now that is done to promote breakfast chain of restaurants, Dennys.

The interesting part about this video is that it isn’t a direct sales pitch or promotion for Dennys.

From the NRA Restaurant SmartBrief:

“Denny’s had comedian DJ Pryor and his son, Kingston, who became viral sensations for their babbling conversations, continue their talk over breakfast in a new ad for the restaurant.

Pryor translates the “booth chat” with Kingston, which Denny’s Chief Marketing Officer John Dillon says captures “our commitment to feed people’s bodies, minds and souls by bringing people together over a great meal.”

It’s worth watching, as it has over 183k view already. You’ll see what I mean after watching it.

The question is – can you adapt this to your business?

Have a restaurant? What about a video series with your guests called “Table Talk”. Or with your chef and call it “Chefs Chat.” Just a few ideas.

Have a great week,


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