Does anyone say anything nice about your business?

Well, of course they do, or you wouldn’t be in business.

Your customer testimonials are an important part of your new Customer Acquisition Strategy. It’s what your new potential customers read before deciding whether they want to come to your business and spend money.

Let me ask you…how do you use testimonials in your business right now to attract new customers? Do you have a systematic way to leverage all the great things people are saying about you? Where do you post them? Is it where your new customers are looking?

Believe it or not, we are seeing a shift to the positive when customers are reviewing businesses online. That’s a beautiful thing – more testimonials to use to get new customers. Sentiments will vary depending on the review site, but reviews are trending to the positive. Testimonials are a form of third-party validation that can mean big sales if they are used correctly.
Which is more powerful?

If you say, “I have the best doughnut shop in town.”
Or if one of your customers says:

Best Review Ever!!!

This was written about one of my review clients, Congdon’s Doughnuts, in Wells, Maine. The owner, Gary, his daughter, Jillian, and the entire crew at Congdon’s do an unbelievable job keeping their customers happy. This was a review that a customer left online in the comment section of their Facebook page defending them from another comment that someone posted. We turned this comment into a post across all of their social media and used it in a variety of their marketing. That’s how you leverage a testimonial to get new customers.

After reading this very passionate review, would you try Congdon’s?

I would, I have, and it’s incredible.

Leverage those positive reviews!
Have a great weekend,