Staffing is a major issue for all businesses right now in today’s marketplace, especially in the restaurant industry.

So what do you do? Where do you find them? Where do you start looking?

How do you stand out against the hundreds if not thousands of other businesses all going after the same pool of potential employees that you are?

Then, how do you attract a potential employee to take action and call or fill out an application to actually get an interview?

And after all that, how do you get them to show up for the interview? Seem overwhelming? It is. But it can be solved.

You have to approach the challenge of finding, attracting, and hiring new staff in the situation we are in as a Marketing Challenge.

It is no different than the same process as you go through to get new customers for your business. And if you think about it that way and break it down into three steps that I listed above, you will start to fill in the details for each of those phases.

They are out there; it’s just very difficult to find them right now. And with almost every restaurant in the world looking for help simultaneously, this makes it doubly difficult.

I explained this to one of our restaurant clients this past week. I started breaking down the entire process that he needed to have in place to get to the end result, which was filling five new front-of-the-house staff members. I know that sounds like a lot, but many restaurants are in the same position right now.

Dwelling on why this happened and the causes of everything from the pandemic to the federal government won’t solve this problem. We need to focus on solutions. And developing a system that works on autopilot, delivering you qualified staff ready to work on an ongoing basis. Because when the additional unemployment funds stop, and staff has to go back to work, you will need an ongoing system that can continually bring you applicants ready to work.

The staffing issue has been with us for the last hundred years and will continue to be an issue for the next hundred. It’s just the nature of the beast. So, best to use this as an opportunity to sharpen your sword and fix this ongoing challenge in your business today.

I shared one good way to reach potential employees in your local market. We have done this for our clients, and it has been proven to be a successful gorilla style, deep in the jungle type, outside of the box way to find staff. See below:

Front of postcard:

Back of postcard:

This is a postcard that I received from a quick-serve national Mexican restaurant chain. They bulked mailed, I’m sure thousands, of these to a targeted geographic area. I would imagine a five-mile radius around the restaurant- great idea.

There are some important changes I would make to this piece to make it more effective.

Watch my short video now to see what I would change.

Finding staff is a major problem right now for all businesses post-pandemic. We have lost many good employees that aren’t coming back, and we need to entice a new generation of workers to come work for us.

How do you do that?

Again, I say it’s a Marketing Challenge that can be solved with Massive Action!

What actions, you say?

Glad you asked (even if you didn’t, I know you were thinking it). I’m not one to idly sit around and let our industry suffer. We want to help.

Next Thursday, July 29th, at 2 PM EST, I will be conducting a FREE Training Webinar on finding, attracting, and hiring superstar staff for your restaurant.

The information I will be showing you is taken directly from the past year that we have been working with our own clients, and I will show you what has worked and what hasn’t. Proven and tested techniques that work to get staff to your business.

Some of the topics I will be covering on the webinar are:

  • The Most Cost-Effective Ways To Locate, Attract & Get Top-Notch Staff That Actually Shows Up For The Interview.
  • What Your Potential Employees Really Want When Looking For A Job.
  • Why Online Hiring Websites Aren’t Your Best Option– And What Is.
  • How To Ethically Approach Staff That Are Currently Working At Another Business and get them to come work for you.
  • The 1 Thing That Works Better Than Anything Else We’ve Tested To Attracting Applicants, And How To Put It On Autopilot. And Much More…

You don’t want to miss this one-time-only FREE Event on July 29th at 2 PM EST. It’s too important to the future success of your business. Click the button below to register now.

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