When it comes to your online reputation and the foundation of your business’ presence online, you must think about your website. It’s what everything else about your company online is built from.

So, is it important to your new customer acquisition strategy for your business?


It’s what most of your new customers will look at before coming to your business. I’ll give you an easy-to-follow diagnostic test you can do on your own website below that programmers and designers use before creating a new website.

And by the way, how old is your existing website?

If you said from the early 2000’s, its time for a new one. Websites are like leased cars – you need a new one every two years. Three years, max.

The Number One Question To Ask Yourself

1. What do you want your website to do for your business?

Answer for this question: Get me new customers, keep my existing customers coming back, be my online business listing, be mobile-friendly Get High SEO rankings among Search Engines on the web.

Your Customers

1. Who is your target customer? (Include location, demographics, lifestyle, or whatever else pegs the audience for your site.)

2. What customer problem do you solve?

3. What makes you better able to solve the problem than your competitors?

4. Why should a new customer believe you?

5. What’s the #1 action you want a customer to take on the site or as a result of visiting the site?

Your Business

1. Give a short sentence (or three keywords) to describe your business.

2. Tell the story of your business or how you started the business.

3. What’s really cool or useful about your product or service?

Your Competition

1. What websites do you like? Don’t like?

2. What do your competitors’ sites have that you wish yours had?

3. What frustrates you about your current site?

4. How old is your current site?

5. What platform is your current site built on?

Look and Feel

1. What’s the tone of the site you want? The style? For example (“Fresh”, “Modern”, etc.)

2. What social media channels are you currently using?

3. Are you promoting any review sites on your website?

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