There are just some nasty, unscrupulous people in this world who have nothing better to do than sit in front of a computer and try to figure out new ways to extort money from individuals and businesses.

And now, they have targeted the restaurant industry in Chicago. It just makes me sick. Restaurants are working harder than ever, facing so many challenges right now, and then throw this on. Well, it’s just not cool.

And if it’s happening in Chicago, it’s also happening in other cities.

Watch this week’s edition of Mike’s Marketing Minutes. I will show you examples from two restaurants in Chicago, what these spammers are doing to try and extort money from them, and how to protect yourself.

Video highlights: 

00:09- I show you my mad face.

00:48- What the heck is going on?

01:07- First example of what is taking place.

02:23- Second example (this is crazy!)

02:59- What can you do about it?

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Michael Thibault

Michael Thibault

Known as “The Done For You Marketing Guy for Restaurants.” International Speaker on Restaurant Marketing. Published contributing author of 4 Marketing Books. Industry expert on Google Searches and Review Sites. Recovering Independent Restaurant Owner and Caterer of over 21 years. And, all-around good guy.

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