Holiday Gift Card Marketing

Well, here we go. The holiday rush has already started. It seems to get earlier and earlier every year.

The holiday decorations are up and the home shopping channels on TV are adorned with trees and holiday decorations on their sets. And Christmas music is already on 2 radio stations in our area.

Ready, set, start your holiday marketing now!

What do you have planned at your business this holiday season?

Does it include selling gift cards?

It’s a huge, multi-billion-dollar industry. Everyone wants gift cards for the holidays. They are so easy to buy. You offer gift cards for your business, don’t you? I hope so.

I found some information that will help you market your Gift Cards for this upcoming holiday season. The more you know about the purchasing habits of your customers in relation to buying Gift Cards, the more effective you can be marketing and selling them.

  • 77% of consumers say they spend the same amount when giving a gift card as they would on a traditional gift.
  • NEARLY HALF of consumers received a gift card on Christmas.
  • According to Google, when scrambling to get a gift a couple of days before Christmas, you are most likely to buy a gift card. This means last minute promotions for gift cards will work very well for you.
  • More than 70% of women plan on giving a gift card within the next 3 months. In contrast, only 55% of men are planning to buy a gift card within that time frame. You’re marketing to mainly women as opposed to men.
  • Nearly 85% of 25-34 year olds say they are giving a gift card. A senior is much less likely to buy a gift card; only 40% of customers aged 65 and over are planning to give a gift card in the next couple of months. The younger generation are the majority of gift card purchasers reach them where they look for your marketing, such as social media sites.
  • Gift cards have the ability to get customers in the door; 72% of shoppers also do some shopping for themselves when going to a store or website to purchase a gift card. Try to sell them something else. Incremental sales can add significant income to your holiday revenue.
  • Customers are 2.5 times more likely to buy something for full price if they pay with a gift card.
  • Women are nearly 2 times more likely than men to buy a gift card because of a design.
  • $25 is the most popular denomination of gift cards to be given over the next three months, with 44% of consumers indicating this is the average amount they will load on each card. 24% will give $50 denominations and 6% will give $100. Use a bonus Gift Card promotion to help increase the dollar amount sold.
  • Gift cards have such high perceived value that nearly half of consumers would prefer a $25 gift card to a present worth $50!

Start planning your Gift Card promotion now and cash in on this big Holiday Promotion.

Plan for a great holiday selling season today!


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