As the new year begins, it’s a great time to set your business goals for the upcoming year. If you want to achieve better results in 2023, planning and making a plan is essential. Don’t be tempted by panic-based, last-minute decisions – have a clear plan to ensure your business stands out from the competition.

Start by setting clear and specific goals for yourself and your business in 2021 – what do you want to achieve? What were you missing in 2022? What kind of results are you looking for? Once you have established this, create a detailed plan with achievable milestones to help bring your goals to life. Consider all aspects of your business: time off, staffing, operations, marketing, customer service, and product development.

My guess is that your goals fall into two overarching themes.

  1. I want to have more time off.
  2. I want to make more money.

These are doable with a bit of planning and focus.

The One Solution

This New Year is an opportunity to reflect on what you have achieved in your business and envision more success for the coming year. Now is the time to start planning how you will get there, and what better way than by building a marketing plan? With strategy and execution, you can ensure that your business harnesses the power of marketing to accomplish your goals, more time off, and more income.

Planning marketing in advance means that you control the flow of customers through your door. With the right strategies, you can set them up in advance and let them run when you need them most. This allows you to not make last-minute panic decisions, it gives you the time to properly prepare and train your staff, and the freedom to delegate tasks to others, leading to more free time. And when the right marketing runs, it generates more income.


Here are some key tips for creating an effective marketing plan for the New Year.

Planning Ahead Is Key

Use a 3-month period to create marketing calendars focusing on each month’s objectives and goals. Trying to plan the entire year is overwhelming. It doesn’t allow you to alter plans when a new opportunity appears. Feel free to test new ideas and experiment with different marketing strategies to meet your goals. Track the progress and results and adjust where necessary to ensure maximum success.

Planning ahead and building a marketing plan in advance has many benefits. It allows you to be proactive with your planning rather than reactive, will enable you to test different strategies, and provides structure for your team. A well-thought-out plan will make it easy for everyone involved to understand their roles and expectations. Most importantly, planning ahead ensures that your business is prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that arise in 2023.

Outline Your Goals And Objectives

Before you begin drafting a marketing plan, you must decide your goals and objectives. Ask yourself: What do I want to achieve in the next three months? This will help to keep you focused on the tasks at hand. Think about what you want to accomplish within the next three months and break it down into smaller, measurable milestones that can be tracked along the way. This will help you evaluate your progress and adjust your marketing plan as needed to ensure you reach your desired outcome.

It’s important to be realistic and achievable in what you aim for and clear about what success looks like for each of your goals and objectives so that you can measure accurately when they are achieved. This could include growing your customer list, increasing engagement with your existing customers, or growing revenue by a specific percentage. Once you have identified your goals, outline the strategies and tactics to help you achieve them. Give them specific targets, for example, “we will grow our rewards members by 20 people a day” or “We will generate an X% increase in sales over last February.” Without a specific goal, you won’t know if you will reach it. It has to be specific. By clearly understanding what you want to achieve and how you will measure it, you can ensure that your marketing plan is effective.

Evaluate Your Resources

Once you have established your goals and objectives, you must evaluate the resources available to you to accomplish them. Many restaurant owners quickly take on ALL the tasks, thinking they must do it all themselves to be sure it’s done “right.” This is robbing you of your free time.

Evaluate what and who you have available to you. This includes budget, personnel, time, team members, materials, upcoming holidays and special events, and other resources. Take a close look at what you have to work with and determine which of these can be used in your marketing plan effectively.

Delegating tasks to staff can be a great way to use your resources effectively and free up time for yourself. By delegating tasks and responsibilities, you free up time to focus on other marketing plan elements, like planning, strategizing, tracking progress, or simply taking more free time for yourself. Delegating also allows you to give away the workload but not the responsibility. Give team members specific tasks and benchmarks, and set deadlines to report back to you so that you know the tasks are being executed to your standards.

Maximize your resources for maximum impact:

  • Prioritize tasks and focus on what will have the greatest impact. Outsource or delegate some of the work to ensure it gets done correctly.
  • Utilize digital marketing techniques such as SEO, email, online reviews, and social media campaigns to reach more people at less cost.
  • Use proven campaigns. If it worked well last year, do it again. Repeat winners. You will get bored with your marketing efforts long before your customers will. You do not have to reinvent the wheel.
  • Leverage existing relationships with partners or vendors to use their expertise.
  • Use existing marketing assets, materials, and resources such as content, graphics, and videos that can be easily repurposed for multiple campaigns.
  • Focus on automation to streamline processes so you can spend more time planning and executing marketing strategies.

By evaluating your resources carefully before creating your marketing plan, you can ensure that you can create an effective strategy that has the best chance of success.

Plan Your Marketing Tactics

Once you have outlined your goals and objectives and evaluated your resources, it’s time to start planning the tactics that will help you reach them. There are a variety of tactics that can be used in an effective marketing plan, and you should be using every media and market that you can. Consider which ones might be the most effective for achieving your desired outcome. Research other successful strategies that have worked for similar businesses or ones you have used in the past successfully, and use them as a guide.

When planning your tactics, consider how they will fit into your overall marketing plan. How will each tactic help you reach your goals? What key steps need to be taken to make it work? Who will do what, and by when?

Here’s a marketing plan outline for each marketing campaign that you plan:

  1. Decide Your Goal
  2. Determine Your target customers
  3. What Is Your Message and Offer
  4. How Will You Connect With Your Target
  5. Who will do what and by when?
  6. Measure and Report

We break down these steps more specifically in our blog post “Making A Strategic Marketing Plan For 2023.”
By planning your tactics carefully, you can create a marketing plan with the best chance of success and helps you reach your goals for the new year.

Monitor and Adjust Your Plan

The final step in creating an effective marketing plan is to monitor and adjust it as needed. Tracking progress and measuring success is essential for any successful marketing plan. This will help you determine whether or not your strategies are working or if something has gone wrong and needs to be fixed so that you can make adjustments if necessary.

Tracking progress also helps you identify potential issues before they become too serious. If a strategy doesn’t yield the desired results, it’s crucial to identify the problem and adjust accordingly. By monitoring progress and making tweaks as needed, you can ensure that your marketing plan is successful and helps you reach your goals for the new year.

Celebrate Your Successes

Once you have created a successful marketing plan, it’s essential to take the time to celebrate your successes. Recognizing progress and celebrating wins are vital for maintaining motivation and high morale in any business. This is especially true when creating a new plan or starting something new, such as launching a product or service. Celebrating successes is a great way to reward yourself and your team for all their hard work.

There are a variety of ways that you can recognize success, from throwing a party or sending out individual notes to simply saying thank you at the end of each day. Whatever method you choose, it’s important to ensure everyone is acknowledged for their hard work.

By taking the time to celebrate successes, you can ensure that your team stays motivated and on track with your marketing plan. It also makes them feel a part of the success and gives them a sense of unity. This will help you reach your goals for the new year and beyond.

The Time is Now

Now that you know more about creating an effective marketing plan, it’s time to start. Take the time to identify your goals, evaluate your resources, and plan your tactics. With a clear vision and a well-crafted strategy, you can ensure that this New Year is a successful and prosperous one for your business.
By planning your marketing strategy, monitoring progress and adjusting as needed, and celebrating your successes along the way, you can ensure that your business reaches its goals for 2023.

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