Sometimes it’s difficult to keep your staff motivated if all they hear is the negative stuff. We all want our staff motivated to give our customers the best experience possible. Try using your reviews to evaluate, motivate and help manage your employees’ performance. After all, it’s what your customers are telling the world about your business.

For example, many businesses make it a point to connect with employees and staff members whenever the business receives a negative review. But it’s hard to imagine the same number of people making a point to share positive reviews.

I recommend that you share great customer feedback and five-star ratings, not just the bad reviews. Don’t keep the good ones to yourself!

Sharing positive reviews can boost staff morale & employee satisfaction. It’s a powerful way of making your team feel that they’re doing a great job and it shows them that you’re not taking their very real contributions for granted. No matter how you do it – pinning the printed reviews on the office corkboard or forwarding them on a team-wide E-mail – sharing positive customer feedback is a morale booster.

Some teams that focus exclusively on the negative end up hating their jobs. Or they end up believing that every customer carries the threat of a bad Yelp review instead of the opportunity to create a positive experience. By sharing positive reviews, you can broaden your staff’s perspectives and drown out any negativity that might be affecting performance.

Sharing positive reviews also helps establish a standard. They can help demonstrate the kind of work that you, as a business owner, believe the whole team should be striving towards. Keep an eye out for five-star reviews that give a shout-out to a specific employee. Not only is this a great way of identifying and recognizing team members who do a great job; it’s also a way of inspiring the rest of the team to follow their example.

Sharing positive reviews can help build brand evangelists. Loyal, happy customers can be your most powerful sales force. But guess who else can spread positive vibes and great word of mouth about your business? That’s right. Your employees.

By sharing positive reviews, you can instill in your team the belief that through their jobs, they’re helping solve real-world problems (those great reviews are proof of it!). When that happens, you’ll be able to ignite the most vibrant and powerful brand evangelists you can have. (They may even help your business recruit top talent!)

Have a great Canada Day and July 4th!