I’m glad to see that most, if not all of the country is reopening to some degree. I never thought we would see the day here in Michigan, but next Monday our bars and restaurants will be able to open at 50% occupancy throughout the state.

It’s good to get back to some sort of normality, although things look very different.

We have to keep in mind what’s important to your customers right now from your business. Remember, the one thing during these challenging times that hasn’t changed is your relationship with your customers.

We are all just trying to figure this out and do our best. Our customers need to know that -and most of them do -but, they are still your customers and guests at your business. I know it isn’t easy right now, but we are all here because of them. They want to get back to normal just like we do.

Please don’t forget that with any business, especially a restaurant, that your customers want more than just a meal when they come to your place. They are looking for an experience and to have fun! I know that it’s a lot harder right now to create that sense of fun and excitement, but we have to think outside the box to show them a great time.

Here are some things that some of the hundreds of restaurants that I talk to each week are doing to create a sense of fun right now amidst everything:

  • Filling their empty seats with cardboard cutouts of people, such as celebrities.
  • Having their servers and workers wear masks with smiles or funny sayings on them. I suggest if you can get them custom-printed, put a marketing message on them. For example, “Have you tried our famous margaritas?”
  • Have one person just walking through your business keeping it clean so everyone can see it happening, and asking guests if their experience is still amazing or what you can improve upon.
  • Have some fun contests and or promotions.

It’s also time to start thinking about rebuilding your sales to where they were before this all started. We must push forward with that goal in mind. To be even better than before.

With the development of different revenue streams for your business, if you have a restaurant that might do carryout and delivery, retail, curbside pickup, and online sales, you can be stronger than you were pre-Covid.

Have a great weekend, and remember: failure is not an option, stay the course.


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