My Vblog last week was on this exact subject but if you missed it, I’m writing about it again as it’s that important. If you did see it, I hope you checked your Yelp listing.

There are several articles going around the internet regarding Yelp and GrubHub. If you are a GrubHub subscriber for your restaurant, please read this post, as it’s important information regarding your Yelp listing.

From The Hustle:

Yelp swaps restaurant phone numbers with Grubhub’s to boost referral revenue

According to a Vice report, Yelp is “screwing over” restaurants by secretly removing their direct phone numbers under the “Delivery or Takeout” tab and replacing them with Grubhub’s referral line to justify charging a marketing fee.

According to the report, Yelp started prompting customers to call Grubhub phone numbers in October 2018 after the 2 companies announced a “long-term partnership.” But restaurant owners claim they were never notified of the switch.

What does it all mean?

Grubhub offers a “marketing” service to restaurants, which includes being listed on the Grubhub platform, for between 15% and 20% of each order total — they call it a “referral fee.”

Basically, it’s free money. Also, the perfect swindle: If a customer is transferred to Grubhub (albeit unknowingly), why not opt to order through the company’s physical delivery service?

But, delivery through Grubhub bills yet another 10% fee to the restaurant.

So, first off – don’t shoot the messenger! I know this isn’t fair and doesn’t seem right, but it’s my job to keep you informed about these things.

And, this stuff changes ALL THE TIME!

The question is – what can you do?

Go on your Yelp listing and look at your carryout number and click to dial the number from your phone to make sure it goes to your restaurant’s direct number. If it doesn’t, contact Yelp and Grubhub.

The reason they can do this is because when you agreed to the terms and service contract with Grubhub, they buried this on like, page 349 in a 6-point font. I know, again, this isn’t fair.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s better to be informed than not.

Have a great marketing day!


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