That’s a powerful statement… and it’s true. The way you communicate with your customers online affects how consumers perceive you, your brand and your business. More importantly, it’s how your NEW customers see how you treat your existing customers.

Then they decide, by reading how you communicate with your existing customers, if they want to do business with you or not. Very powerful concept.

This perception affects a customer’s lifetime value and loyalty. To create brand loyalty, specifically with Millennials, clearly communicate your company’s values. They read everything about your company online before doing business with you.

According to the Forbes Communication Council, the success of every product or service with the Millennial generation has been because the brand has created an emotional impact with the customer. The way to do this is to communicate with your audience via social media, email and especially review sites.

How do you keep loyal customers and communicate effectively?

Pay attention to what your customers are saying online and respond to them fast with a customer feedback management system. Understand what they like about your services or products (and what they don’t like) to create emotional experiences.

Respond to your reviews– both bad and good. Show the world (especially your new customers) that you care about your customers and what they have to say. This is the world we live in now; you can either embrace it, leverage it or ignore it to your peril.

Don’t wait to answer that review that has been just sitting there on Yelp for the past 4 months. That shows your new potential customers that you really don’t care what your customers have to say and when you get around to reading what they posted, you might or might not answer it.

Worse yet, don’t answer that negative review on Google that came in 2 weeks ago (you do a great job so you probably don’t get those:). But still, this is a huge red flag to your new customers. Shows that you don’t care and doesn’t give you the opportunity to tell your side of the story. Note: you must be very careful how this is done.

Our Rule for Negative Reviews: Answer a negative review within 72 hours to control damage and give your side of the story– and, most importantly, apologize. It shows that you are listening and you care about customer feedback.

It’s good business in the new age of marketing.
Have a great weekend!