What exactly does this mobile-first mentality mean for companies and their customers?

The mobile Internet takeover should come as no surprise. You can’t go ANYWHERE in this world today and not see someone using their mobile phone. From age 5 to age 95, everyone seems to have one and they are using them EVERYWHERE.
I was at my doctor’s office the other day and noticed an 80 some year-old sweet grandma playing candy crush on her phone in the waiting room… and winning! And I won’t mention the last time I was in the public restroom at the airport– try counting how many people are on their mobile devices in that environment. Crazy.

But understand that mobile-first does not necessarily mean mobile-only. Rather, it’s simply the first (preferred) method of interaction of the majority of people.

Living and working in this digital age, where information goes viral in an instant and people demand data at a moment’s notice, there’s no doubt that mobile-first has become synonymous with customer-first.

Just over a decade ago, we primarily relied on our family and friends for opinions about the new restaurant in town, the local cable companies, or the best grocery store. We saw their input as a valuable source in making a decision. There was no Yelp, Facebook, or Google Reviews to verify their claims, nor did we consider seeking the input of strangers to help us make the right choices.

Jump to the present, where we exercise our digital skills on a daily basis to discover exactly what we need to know about a company before handing over our cash and credit cards.

No longer are we limited to our personal acquaintances to get information about a business we have never tried before. Now, we whip out our smartphone (smart or dumb– I’m not sure), and at warp speed, we can search on social media or Google to determine in an instant which eateries serve the best food, which beauty products actually beautify, and which hotels feature the fluffiest pillows… all based on word of mouth from people we’ve likely never met! And the interesting part is, we believe and trust what these people have to say.

People are interested in what other people have to say, and with the mobile-first mindset, they can instantly satiate their interest and make better-informed decisions on the spur of the moment.

Whether you ask for them or not, someone is bound to leave you an online review for all the world to see. You MUST constantly be managing your business’ mobile-first online reputation in today’s world.

Don’t leave this to chance.

Have an awesome week!