Let me ask you a question… is print dead?

Does anyone open their mailbox anymore? (Not their email inbox, but their physical mailbox.)

Last time I checked, print mail was still the highest-rated media for deliverability and open rates:

  • Print delivery rate for a piece from the post office to your customers mailbox – 98%
  • Email delivery rate to your customers inbox – 62%

That is a huge disparity when you are fighting to reach every single person you can with your marketing message.

Now don’t get me wrong, you need to be sending emails. You need to be sending print. You need to be doing social media. You need to be doing 4-walls marketing. You need to be doing it all. That’s just reality in today’s world.

It always makes me chuckle when we get a nasty email from someone that signed up through one of our Free Reports or an online lead generation campaign. We email them the report, and then they email back four-letter expletives to stop emailing them. I mean, they asked for the report, right?

Bottom line – you need to using multiple forms of media in today’s world to reach your customers and potential customers.

Click the video below and I will show you what one of our best clients is successfully doing with a print piece that works really well for his business. It’s a great idea and he said its ok to share it with you.


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