It’s called Slipstreaming. It’s all about seizing the opportunity to hitch a ride and boost competitive performance with minimal cost.

The term comes from motor racing. By getting in close behind the vehicle in front, motor (and cycle) racers face no wind resistance and so they get ‘sucked’ along, going further and faster with less energy cost, because there is no air-resistance to plow through.

The idea is to hitch a ride to drive your sales further, faster, cheaper. By way of analogy, slipstream marketing is a powerful marketing tactic and mindset. The essential keys to getting an assisted ride are:

  1. Find something that has a lot of momentum – that already has people’s attention.
  2. Create an alignment using what’s on your customers’ mind already that lets you establish an association or synergy with it.

Applied to marketing, slipstreaming is a very effective technique to give it a turbo boost. The most effective marketing you can do is when you enter the conversation that is going on in your prospects mind already.

Anything that has captured the public’s attention is a candidate for slipstreaming. Timely events and seasons of the year are both good ways to use slipstream techniques in your marketing. By using these details in your marketing, you will attract more attention with less effort.

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