Happy Friday!

Don’t you hate it when your car breaks down and you’re stranded somewhere on the side of the road? I hope this doesn’t happen to you. Well, it did to me.

In this week’s video edition of Mike’s Marketing Minutes, I will show you exactly what this auto repair shop did. It was super smart when it comes to marketing to increase sales, and you can steal and deploy it for your own business.

I also explain how the one mistake they made could have ruined the whole thing.

One of the most effective marketing techniques is to follow up after the initial sale. If your customers don’t hear from you with at least a “thank you for coming to our business and spending money with us”, they might not think you care.

Make your business stand out with a follow up thank you, request for a review, survey, and better yet a bounce back offer. Everyone likes to be thanked!

Some type of automated system to handle this is best. But, print is the most effective and is perceived as the highest value by your customers. Think about when you receive a birthday card versus a birthday text. Which one has more value to you?

I tried this once with my own Mom and skipped the birthday card and just sent a birthday text. Let’s just say that’s the last time I did that one.

If you need a system to talk to your customers after the sale to let them know that you appreciate them and care about them click the button below. Fill out the 2.7-second FREE Discovery Session form, and we can jump on a quick call. We will find the best way to get you new customers and get your existing customers to come back quicker, spending more money.




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