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Fill Your Restaurant In The Slooow Month Of July
With The #1 Restaurant Promotion Of All Time

The No Peeking Christmas in July Promotion works as well packing restaurants in July as it does in January.

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That’s right, it’s back by popular demand to pack your restaurants in the slow months of June and July and make you more cash in the months of June and July when restaurants are suffering from the dog days of summer.This promotion brings your customers back like Christmas Magic. Give yourself a present this summer and take advantage of the Christmas in July No-Peeking Promotion.

How It Works

It’s a simple Red Envelope given out to your customers in June, when you are busy- one to each table. As you can see from the example below, there are various prizes inside that your customers can win, but they can’t PEEK. It’s this simple:


July No Peeking 2018 Envelope

Pass out the envelopes to your customers in June


July No Peeking 2018 Certificate in Envelope

Your customers bring back their envelopes in July to see what they have won.


No Peeking Cash Register Is Full

Your register is packed with cash from hungry customers with red envelopes.

The envelopes are only valid if they bring them back to your restaurant in the month of July, to be opened by your staff to see what prize they have won. You control the prizes and quantities. You pick what works best for you.

Here’s Proof

It Works In Any Market For Any Style Of Restaurant

  • Fast Casual
  • Casual
  • Fine Dining
  • Carryout
  • Family
  • Italian
  • BBQ
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Burger Joint
  • Mexican
  • Polish
  • Mediterranean

…the list goes on. This promotion has been proven and tested to work by thousands of restaurants with different styles, number of seats in all 50 states and Canada over the past 14 + years. This promotion works so well, even the big corporate chains use it, maybe you have seen it for yourself. Better yet, let our clients tell you.

Success Stories

It was a GREAT January! We had 60% redemption rate on our No Peeking Promotion and increased sales by nearly $25,000.00 – a 22% increase over previous years. Thanks!!!!!

Brian Pettit, The Rusty Keg, OH

This was the most successful promotion that I have run! This promotion brought in an extra $9000.00 in revenue in January! People said it was a great idea, and hope we do again next year. Thanks!

Serena Zinmeister, The Breakwall Food & Spirits, OH

Everyone got a kick out of it, all the guests loved it, and the wait staff enjoyed the buzz and excitement. Best of all, sales were up!

Eddie Smeen, Skewers Mediterranean Grille, FL

$27,681.56 in sales and $7,562.31 in NET PROFIT from my No Peeking Promotion! Not bad for the first time I have done this promotion.

Andy McAnally, Big John's Pizza, OR

2,048.61 ROI and 407 new customers from my No Peeking Promotion in January. One of the easiest and best promotions ever!

Syd Malchow, HI-Lo Supper Club, MN

Sales up 28.72% from our No Peeking Promotion! We passed out 1000 envelopes and 594 were brought back into our restaurant! Fun thing to do and the customers loved it.

Jeff and Tawnie Marcus, Digger's Diner, CO

We implemented this promotion as soon as we heard about it and our ROI was $154 to the dollar.

Owner, F. Tambellini's, PA

I can say that the Red Envelope Promotion was a huge part on our staying in the black for the month.

Ernest Adams, Oktoberfest German Restaurant, MT

We increased our sales over last year more than $7,300.00 with our No Peeking Promotion!

Jim Grillo, Gentleman Jim's, NY

No Peeking Promotion was the first big promotion we did, and we did it again the next year because it worked so great. So far, we’ve had an ROI of 762.89%!

Tory and Berenice Nelson, The Wapiti Restaurant and Pub, CO

It’s All Done For You

The best part is- We will do all the work for you! I know you’re busy, I used to own restaurants myself, we get it. We will design, print, stuff, and mail all of your certificates to you in time to pass out to your customers in June- no work on your part, just hand them out and watch your sales soar in July! But you need to act fast so we can ship them to you in time to pass out beginning in June.

Why This Simple Promotion Kills It

The Red Envelope works so well because it’s simple, stands out, and fits in with the Christmas in July theme. Your customers are dying to know what’s in their Red Envelope because they’re looking at them all month long, just waiting for the day when they can bring them back to your restaurant to see what prizes they have won. Everyone loves to win!

Another huge benefit is that this promotion, well, it’s easy and cheap!

July No Peeking 2018 Certificates and Envelope

You don’t have to put a stamp on these envelopes and mail them out. You HAND them to your customers that come to your restaurant. No Mailing Costs. And you know it’s getting directly into the hands of the right people because your staff gives them to your existing customers, that’s half the battle for a successful marketing campaign! It’s like guaranteed delivery to your best customers for FREE! We know what works for Restaurant Owners.

Secrets from other restaurant owners who have used this promotion:

  • Highlight the lowest prize on the envelope, but don’t include any certificates for that amount. People don’t like winning the lowest prize.

  • Have 1 big prize to give away that gets people excited, such as a Flat Screen TV, iPad, Trip, Sporting or Concert Tickets, and take pictures when you give it to them.

  • Simple prizes to give away are Free appetizers, desserts, beverages, percentages off, BOGO, gift cards, etc. You pick the prizes that work best for your business.

*Legal Disclaimer: Prior to undertaking this promotion, as with all Promotions / Marketing, you should check your local regulations to see if there are any regulations governing this kind of promotion in your area. This does not substitute for legal advice.

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The big difference between us and other marketing companies is that we are Restaurant People.  We come from the restaurant industry and understand the restaurant business.We know budgets are tight, so we don’t add a bunch of extra fees and costs to our promotions. The price is the price. We believe in personalized attention, quality, and value.

What’s included with your No Peeking Promotion:


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